Why Should You Use a SELF Planner?

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The new year is nearly here. With the Christmas holiday, it’s easy to set aside planning for the new year, but this fresh start is an ideal time for you to create new habits to enhance your life. One of the best things you can do to prepare for the new year is get a great self planner.

Using a self planner will help you reach your goals and free your mind. Take a look around your desk and ask yourself if everything there helps to support and inspire you.

Do you feel stressed out and unhappy? Do you frequently forget tasks and appointments? Would you like to meet and exceed your goals for 2020?

Being organized helps you get more done in less time. In turn, you’ll have more freedom and time to relax! This is where having a self planner comes in. It’s a key tool for effective time management, which makes your life a whole lot easier!

Why Should You Use a SELF Planner?

There are plenty of benefits to keeping a self planner, including:

Creating Plans To Reach Your Goals

It’s easy to make a resolution for the new year, harder to keep it. A trick to staying on track is to keep track of your goals daily in your self planner. This allows you to see where you are at on your path. Plus, it’s a great reminder of what is important to you.

When you keep your goals in the forefront, you will more readily remember to stick to them. When you keep track of your goals, you can more easily adjust them, when needed. For example, if you are ahead of schedule, you can think about expanding your goal.

Keeping Track of Your Life

With our busy lifestyles, it’s tough to stay on task and remember important dates and events. A self planner keeps track of all your deadlines, appointments and events. In turn, you stay on track!

You can also prepare for major events by writing down individual tasks you need to do before hand. This helps you from getting overwhelmed and avoids last minute rushing.

Prioritizing tasks can help you stay on track, too. This way, all the important things stay at the top of your list and you’ll more readily see visually what can wait.

Why Should You Use a SELF Planner?

Expand Your Creating Thinking Skills

Keeping a self planner and writing everything down frees your mind. When your mind isn’t working over-time to remember appointments or tasks, it’s free to do more important things. Like enjoying the moment!

You’ll also free your mind for more creative thinking and problem solving. When you don’t have to remember every detail, you can process so much more. This also gives you a better ability to meditate, contemplate and create.

Reduce Stress

When you eliminate the feeling of being over-whelmed by using a self planner, it immediately reduces your stress level. It’s tough to function when you feel stressed.

You lose motivation and your goals may fall by the wayside. Using a self planner makes your life more manageable.

Creating a daily to-do list with all your tasks can be a great de-stressor, too. It’s so satisfying to cross each task off! Then you can look back at the end of the day to see all that you accomplished, as well. Which will help boost your mood even more.

Why Should You Use a SELF Planner?

Best Self SELF Planner

This year we discovered the SELF Planner from Best Self, a life-changing tool that will help you create the life you want in the new year. It addresses all the areas we’ve already discussed and then-some!

In addition to helping keep track of things-to-do and goals, the Self Planner provides room for recording things you’d love to do or research. There’s also space to track your health, fitness, career, relationships, finance, and more.

Personal refection pages help you decide what’s working and what’s not. They encourage personal growth and time to sort out your priorities. There’s also free pages to jot down thoughts, habit trackers and even project planners.

The SELF Planner is designed to help you master your time, focus on what’s important, and take control of your life.

My experience with the Best Self SELF Planner

Thanks to the lovely folks at Best Self, I received a complimentary SELF Planner to help get my new year started. While I’ve only just started to dig in, I’m already in love with this well-constructed and designed planner. It’s sturdy and just the right size for my desk top, purse or travel bag.

It begins with a “6-Month Bucket List” and I truly appreciated this lovely start! It’s a great way for me to think about what I want to accomplish, improve and work towards in 2020. It also gave me time to reflect on what was most important to me. Writing down these goals also makes them more tangible. Less like dreams and more like realities I can bring to fruition.

I also really love that the book comes with multiple book markers. There are two ribbons to mark important pages built in. Each page also has a perforated edge making it easy to either mark the page or tear it off so I know that page is not one I’ll likely go back to (such as a weekly calendar page.)

Why Should You Use a SELF Planner?

As I’m working on improving my health (constantly!) the habit tracker is going to be a great visual for me. I also appreciate the “Weekly Wisdom” I found on the calendar pages – some really great motivators!

In the back pocket of the planner is a complete guidebook which I’ll be reading through next week to maximize my effort. That pocket will also be handy for tucking in important tickets or notes.

If you’re seeking a comprehensive self planner with all the bells and whistles you need, yet plenty of space for creative freedom, SELF Planner is it!

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