Homemade Valentine Cards

homemade valentine cards
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Homemade valentine cards are always rewarding to get and give.

I love receiving them from someone because I know they used their creativity to design and make them.
homemade valentine cards
These ‘beary’ nice valentine cards are fourteen years old now. I designed them for my 6 year old grand son to teach him about making his own cards.

Homemade Valentine Supplies

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie pen
  • Glue stick
  • Bear and heart pattern

valentine homemade cards

Trace rectangle shape onto red or pink construction paper and cut out. Fold ends at fold lines and draw half hearts on each end (see picture). Make sure the curves of your hearts extend to the fold lines. Cut out heart but do not cut through the fold lines. You want the heart to stay in tact so it opens up like a card.

    1. Bear: Trace the bear onto a piece of construction paper.

single bear homemade card

You can make them different colors like the Care Bears or use brown for teddy bears. Draw the face and additional lines needed to make him look bear like.

    Cut out bear and fold his arms at the fold lines.
    Place and glue the back of the valentine heart to the tummy of the bear.
    Fold the bear’s arms at the fold lines and glue his paws onto the front of each side of the heart.
    Open heart and write your greeting. We decided to write “Your Beary Nice” on each of ours.

Another great reason to make homemade cards is it engrafts a sense of accomplishment. Instilling pride in a job well done is a building block for children helping them to take interest in their work.

Here are patterns for you to print.

Multi valentine bears
Multi heart

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