Spooktacular Party Favors

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Spooktacular party favors are always a big hit for Halloween home parties.

Tootsie roll pops each covered with a tissue and tied below the sucker top are the makings of fun ghosts. Simply add eyes and mouth.

Bling Your Spooky Ghosts

Spooktacular Party Favors @Ruralmom.com

Dressing up the ghosts are what make them Spooktacular Party Favors.
I found a fun orange boa and glitter pipe cleaners at the Dollar Tree so decided to add some bling to my ghosts this year.
Boy ghosts get a sparkling neck tie by twisting the pipe cleaners in a tie.
Girl ghosts are wearing boas to the party and that is equally as easy.
Simply wrap a section of boa around the ghost, clip it and tie it in place with thread.

Chain of Good Fortune

There are no trails of woes for these ghosts to drag along! Each carry a paper chain of candy treats to share.

Spooktacular party Favors


  • Box of Tissues
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Sewing Needle
  • Thread
  • Tootsie Roll Pops
  • Halloween Candy
  • Magic Marker
  • Ruler
  • Sparkly Pipe Cleaners

Paper Chain

I laid a ruler at the edge of the construction paper and drew a line (appx. 1 1/4 inch) for a long strip. Then fold the strip and cut down the center to have two strips. I did this with black and orange paper Cut these the size for your chain links.
The length of the links of the chain is your choice. I made mine fairly large so the craft was not time consuming. Form a circle with the first link of the chain and tape the ends together. Add a link onto the first circle, tape the ends and continue the process until you have the desired length of chain.
Take a threaded needle and add the candy on as many links on the chain you want to hold candy. Continue this process with the same thread adding candy to links in the chain. Secure the thread around the ghost’s neck, knot and cut the thread.

Making Ghosts

Center a tissue over the tootsie roll pop and tie where the stick meets the sucker.
Take marker and add eyes and a mouth.
Boy Ghosts– Place a pipe cleaner around the string that knotted the tissue in place.
Place end of the pipe cleaner at the length you want for the tie. Twist the long end around in tie fashion and cut shorter than the other end so it looks like a tie.

Girl Ghost Take the end of the boa and wrap around the ghost give some lead way so it drapes like a boa. Cut the other end to desired length and tie with string.

I put all mine is a party bowl so they could wait for the guests to arrive and enjoy these spooktacular party favors at the party or to take home as a treat to enjoy later.

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