Prescription Bottle Craft: Bird Feeders

At Last! A craft that uses all those prescription bottles!
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Prescription Bottle Craft As Bird Feeders

This Prescription Bottle Craft turns into a cute Bird Feeder. I got the ideas while drinking coffee by the kitchen window watching birds eat from our feeders outside.

Recycling Diva At Heart

When ever seeing these bottles in the trash I often thought, “Surely I can use these for something.” Today that thought had manifested a craft idea!

This is the first one I made but since then I have added embellishments according to the holiday or theme in which it is representing.
These are fun Christmas ornaments, gift bow embellishments, gifts to include in a sunshine box and cute items to hang in a window.

Shopping the craft aisles I have found tiny sprigs of flowers or evergreen to glue around the bottom. I have found tiny birds to purchase and use but I often craft my own birds from a sculpty or polymer clay.
Here is what you need to get started.
Empty prescription bottles
Small birds from craft store or make them from clay you can bake
Bird seed
Glue and glue gun
Wire or string to use as hanger

Prescription Bottle Bird Feeder Craft with directions on Rural Mom.Com

Take the lid off the bottle and set to the side. Turn the bottle over so the bottom is now at the top.

Glue a piece of wire or string formed in a loop on the bottom in the middle as a hanger.

Once the glue has set then fill the bottle up with bird seed.

Take the lid and turn it over so the widest part is at the bottom. This will be the part that the birds perch on when eating. Screw it on the bottle or glue it on so it is secure.

The top of the cap will now be inside the bottle and the bottom will be the base.

Glue bird(s) onto the feeder and glue loose seeds around the rim of the bottle to make it look like seeds are coming out of the bird feeder.


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