Organize Home Office and Homework Easily with Post- It Brand Products

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I would be lost without my Post-It notes. I use them daily and have stacks of them available in the kitchen, on the family desk, by my laptop, in my planner and in my laptop case. If there is a need to write a note- nine times out of ten, I’ll be writing it on a Post-It note. So imagine my excitement when I was asked by Post-It Brand to try out their new home office and back to school products. While I did receive complimentary Post-It Brand goodies, my opinion and love of the Post-It’s are my own. 
Post-It Brand sent me a box full of products to help me get and stay organized during the school year. Every item sent will be put to good use by my family and myself. 
Post-It #back to school products
Every month, I sit down with the family calendar to add important events, appointments etc. As my daughters have gotten older, their schedules have become more complex and require more details than I can write in a daily calendar square, so I was happy to receive the grip board from the Post-It Home Collection. There are Post-It notes right on the corner of the grip board for ease of use, that’s an awesome touch!
I’m going to attach this to the side of our family desk and put folders with reminders for us. If it’s really important, I’ll add a writable tag on the outside of the folder and then put a cute Post-It note reminder on my daughter’s door or on their desk.
Post-It Note has study help down pat, as well. I like the Post-It Study blank writable tags, but there several stick tabs options like: On Test, Study, To Do tags and pointer flags in neon colors, sure to make your student notice. 
Another great new product for students is the Post-It Attachable Pocket OrganizerYou can insert this pocket into a binder or planner and fill it with flags, pens and of course Post-It notes. 

Post-It Notes, Study aides
Post-It Brand has been in business for over 40 years. In that time I’m betting nearly every adult in America has bought or used a Post-It note. They help us stay organized, communicate better and be more productive. They certainly are helping us!
Post-It Brand products
The hardest thing about using the Post-It Brand products sent me, is deciding which color option fits the job best. I’m enjoying getting my home office and school year off to an organized start with all the helpful products I received, but I’ve saved my favorite for last. 
Check out my newest desk buddy- The Post-It Cat Pop-up Note Dispenser. It’s perfect for this cat family.
Post-It Brand Cat pop up dispenser


To learn more about all these or other Post-It brand products, please visit the Post-It website and be sure to “like” them on Facebook

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    • NYCSingleMom
    • September 4, 2014

    Great organizational tips. Lots of products I did not even know Post it had. Will have to invest in the writable tags for my new middle schooler. We need all the organizational tips for this coming year. And I lvoe the kitty post it holder.

    • Tough Cookie Mommy
    • September 4, 2014

    I’m a teacher so I use post-its for everything. As a matter of fact, I just stocked up my desk with them this week since I set up my classroom for the first day of school, which was today.

    • Grace
    • September 5, 2014

    I love post its too and love their bright colors. I try never to run out.

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