50 by 50 – RADIANT: Farm Animals Up Close and Personal

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As it’s predominantly a photo journal, I’m not sure if RADIANT: Farm Animals Up Close and Personal technically qualifies as one of my 50 books by 50, but it’s certainly a wonderful compilation.  I  recommend a copy for every bookshelf!

Traer Scott’s RADIANT lists as a whimsical, soulful, and personal photo collection focused on the lived of the farm animals.  From familiar known animals like cows, pigs and sheep to less familiar peafowl, yaks and llamas, this vivid book pays tribute to each breed.  Inside, you’ll find delightful visuals, information on each breed and anecdotes from the author.

50 by 50 - RADIANT: Farm Animals Up Close and Personal

Some of the animals in RADIANT are kept as pets, while others reside at farm sanctuaries Scott has visited.  While she shares her views on the merits of being vegetarian or vegan, there’s no over-tone present throughout the guide.  It’s simply a lovely celebration of all farm animals and a way for readers to get an up close view of our friends from the farm.

I love how Scott captures each farm animal’s personality in each photo, gifting us stunning portraits to admire.  I naturally loved seeing various chicken breeds represented and also thoroughly enjoyed learning more about donkeys, sheep and goats.  This is a book that will have you seeing your farm animals in a different light and one that you will truly cherish.

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Everyone of thes farm animals depicted, you simply fall in love with.  I’d love to have them all over for a visit on our farm!

RADIANT: Farm Animals Up Close and Personal is a fantastic reference guide that would be easily be at home in every classroom or on atop any homestead coffee table.  A great way to introduce children to farm animals in an exciting way or to fill you own curiosity of our domestic friends.

With the upcoming holidays, it’s also a fun gift for the farmer or animal lover on your shopping list!

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