5 Fun Products That Will Make You Want to Be a Morning Person

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Whether you are already a morning person or currently struggle to coax yourself out of bed before noon, starting your day with some good karma and a bit of whimsical wit is an instant day brightener!

Recently, we were introduced to two clever companies that both create super fun products designed to enhance your lifestyle and bring a smile to each day:  Karma and Wit.   Each of these gift companies offers high quality products that will bring joy to you morning and add a little something extra-special to help you face anything the day brings your way.

5 Fun Products That Will Make You Want to Be a Morning Person

Imagine waking up, slipping your glasses out of their inspirational glass case, pouring your coffee and having a laugh with your quirky cup, writing your to-do list on a long notepad with a motivational quote, slipping on a headband and filling your cheeky water bottle to help you get through your morning workout with a smile.  This is what Karma and Wit delivers!

We’ve picked a few of our favorites to start you on your journey to filling your morning with sunshine and joy!

5 Fun Products That Will Make You Want to Be a Morning Person

Open Your Eyes Glass Case

How many times have you fumbled around searching for your glasses in the morning only to knock them to the floor?  After awhile, our poor specs take a real beating!  A soft, lush glass case solves this problem instantly by not only providing protection from scratches and dust but also giving us a fighting chance of finding our glasses on our nightstand without any mishaps involved!

Karma Gifts has beautiful solutions to enrobe your eye glasses in Vegan leather luxury. A squeeze top closure helps you put your glasses away with ease into their scratch-free environment.  And best yet, each case comes with an uplifting design.  One of our favorites, the Open Your Eyes Glass Case is embellished with a joyful message that will instantly set you on the right path for seeking the beauty in each day.

5 Fun Products That Will Make You Want to Be a Morning Person

Mermaid Mug

As you know, at Rural Mom, coffee is our very favorite food group.  What better way to celebrate this eye-opener than with a quirky mug to help further brighten our mornings.  You really can’t help but smile when you have a Mermaid Mug in hand.

With enough java, you may even be half mermaid that day!

5 Fun Products That Will Make You Want to Be a Morning Person

Long Notepad Gnome

As moms, our list of things to-do is ever-evolving and growing, growing, growing!  Just the thought of accomplishing all these tasks can enough to make you want to crawl back under the cover each morning.

A trick that helps curb the the constant feeling of being overwhelmed with thoughts of things to-do each day is to start each morning with a list.  Having a concrete list frees your mind from having to worry about recall every detail and gives you a solid path to follow each day.  Plus, it’s truly a satisfying feeling to cross things off your list as you move throughout your day and to see all you accomplished by the end of the day!

Wit Gifts has some very clever notepads to help motivate you into action each morning, like the Long Notepad Gnome that urges you to take charge like the boss you know you are.

5 Fun Products That Will Make You Want to Be a Morning Person


Wide Headband

Mega amounts of studies show that starting each day with a bit of exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle.  If you are not a morning person, though, this can be a real struggle!

One life hack we’ve found to be thoroughly effect in encouraging your lethargic self to get up and move is to have workout gear pieces that soul your soul, make you feel special, and help energize your spirit like Karma Gifts Wide Headbands (pictured is the Cornflower pattern.)

Designed for movement Karma’s Wide Headbands keep hair in place and off your face.  Whether you’re simply want to do some morning stretches, take a yoga class, or hit the the road for a run, this practical, yet luxurious and bright band will definitely perk up your routine.


5 Fun Products That Will Make You Want to Be a Morning Person

SS Water Bottle Unicorn

Most mornings in a Rural Mom’s life require some type of activity that forces us up and at ’em and out the door.  Whether it’s running out to the barn to collect eggs or racing to the drop off line at your child’s school, we think the Water Bottles from Wit Gifts, deliver a fun kick to help keep you hydrated for the fast and furious morning ahead.

With fun graphics and sayings like “Shit Just Got Real” and “Hot Mess,” they sure to give you a chuckle each morning while serving as a stylish vessel to keep your drinks fresh throughout the day.

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