Spaghetti Night Craft Bibs

Spaghetti night craft bibs
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Spaghetti Night Craft Bibs

Spaghetti Night always calls for craft bibs at grandma’s house! Entertaining the grand kids for the week calls for lots of crafts to keep them busy. Combining crafts with a menu plan is always a favorite at our house so this Italian themed craft day is fun and don’t forget to include a fun movie to watch like Lady and The Tramp, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs or any movie that combines spaghetti and meatballs in the plot.

This craft was successful!

For some reason the kids didn’t turn their noses up at wearing a bib if they got to design them. They even wanted to wear their designer bibs for breakfast, lunch and suppers.
Craft Bib for Spaghetti Night

Craft Supplies for Craft Bibs

Craft Foam Sheets 9×12 (felt or even fabric can be substituted)
Chenille ropes, ribbon, braided yarn for the ties on the bib
Pom poms
Glitter pens
Paper punch
Any other decoration you may have to use.
An Imagination

*Pre crafting
Take a foam sheet for each child and cut an arch in the center for the neck. Punch two holes on the top for the ties. For smaller children assemble and tie the strands of chenille rope, ribbon or braided yarn on the bib for them.


Lay out the craft supplies in the center of the table. Lay the bibs at the seat of each child with the ties at each craft bib if they are going to put their own ties on their craft bibs.
Let the children design and assemble their own bibs and glue them into place. Set them aside to dry so they will be ready for spaghetti night wearing their new designer craft bibs.

Spaghetti night craft bibs

Crafts are memory makers for the adults and kids

Another thing about taking the time to craft with kids is that it builds great memories. The children in the picture are now 18 and 14 so seeing this photo is endearing to me and keeps me grateful that I always took the time to build those memories crafting.

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