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This is the page you are looking for!  You are not experiencing an error… you’re looking for STAR WARS MOM and you are in the right place!

Comic Book Mom, Star Wars Mom, Rural Mom – they are all simply facets of me (author Barb Webb.) Like you, I have many interests, chief among them Star Wars, Marvel, Disney and well, pretty much everything related to sci-fi and the comic book world!

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Once upon a time I ran the websites separately because I thought, well really, who wants to hear about farm life, my Irish heritage, gardening, sustainable living and my propensity for using 80’s music and movie references in my work?

Well, it turns out that a lot of people do, because (silly me,) figured out we all have these wonderful facets that make up the sum of who we are! And bringing all that goodness together collaboratively is magical ?

So, I’m glad you made it to RuralMom.com where you will still find oodles of the same Star Wars information, comic book connections, crafts and activity sheets that you loved on Star Wars Mom, but will also find much, much more to entertain, inform and hopefully empower you, too.

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