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Create A Spooky Halloween Graveyard

October 19, 2019

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, second only to Christmas. And it all begins with decorating.  Starting with a spooky Halloween Graveyard is a great way to set the tone for your Halloween home! How do you turn your front yard into a graveyard?  Use these fun tips to make it […]


Rural Mom Answers Your Cast Iron Cooking Questions

October 18, 2019

New to cast iron cooking?  Or just need to brush up on your cast iron cooking basics?  We have answers to the most common questions you have. Cast iron use and care is actually quite easy but there are a few nuisances that every user needs to know. I bought a new cast iron skillet […]


Scary Good Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Halloween

October 17, 2019

Tasty and themed drinks are always a hit on Halloween!  If you are looking for some scary good non-alcoholic drinks for Halloween to amp up for the fun for your festivities, we have some delicious ideas! Try these simple, creative recipes for delicious Halloween themed drinks that will be a real treat for your guests: […]


The Best Food to Serve on Halloween

October 16, 2019

Halloween is almost here, and a lot of people are making their plans for celebration. If you are hosting a party or just enjoying a meal before trick or treating, you may be thinking of what spooky surprises you want to serve. From jack-o-lantern pizza to pumpkin dip, there are plenty of great options for […]


Quick and Spooky Halloween Decorations

October 15, 2019

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be frightening.  You can achieve super cute or scary looks with just a few Halloween decorations in or outside your home. If you are having a party, you don’t have to bust your budget and go all out.  Keep your focus on one area of your home and make […]


We predict The Trials of Apollo #4: The Tyrant’s Tomb will be awesome! (+ we have a Giveaway!)

October 14, 2019

Thanks to our partnership with with Disney Book Group, we received a copy of THE TRIALS OF APOLLO 4: THE TYRANT’S TOMB and have a super cool giveaway for you, too. The Rural Mom oracle says “THE TRIALS OF APOLLO 4: THE TYRANT’S TOMB will be an amazing edition to the series full of mischief, […]

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Is it too late to plant trees in October?

October 12, 2019

Although it may sound surprising, fall is actually a very popular time to plant trees.  If your objective is to provide some shady cover for the following summer, planting trees in fall is ideal. Trees planted this fall will be in bloom just in time for spring and summer next year. Many people make the […]


Classic Halloween Party Game Ideas

October 11, 2019

Halloween parties are a great way to have a little spooky fun when celebrating the season for tricks and treats. To amp up the fun, try these Halloween party game ideas. They’re all activities are that are easy to organize, will appeal to kids and adults of all ages, and will help make any Halloween […]