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5 Vegetables Every New Gardener Should Grow

June 29, 2024

New to gardening?  No worries!  Every new gardener is a little nervous, but it’s really not difficult to grow your own organic vegetables. There are obviously many advantage to growing your own vegetables in your own organic garden. Besides saving money, you’ll benefit from the freshness and rich nutrients in homegrown vegetables. There are many […]


5 Herbs No Container Garden Should Grow Without

June 28, 2024

Cooking with fresh herbs is a treat, but when the herbs come from your own kitchen garden, it’s an extra-special treat! There are many herbs that are welcome in any kitchen garden but we’ve compiled a list of our top favorites for you to consider. The needs for most are similar – adequate lighting, drainage […]


Succession Planting and Other Clever Ways to Grow More Vegetables in Less Space

June 27, 2024

If you lack the space for a full-scale garden, you can still grow your own fresh fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs. The only requirement is that you have access to an outdoor space, such as around your home’s foundation, deck, patio, or on a balcony.  Proven techniques like succession planting and container gardening can help […]


How To Make Your Own Herbal Teas

June 26, 2024

Brewed from ingredients like mint, raspberry leaves, sage, lemon balm and chamomile, herbal teas are a refreshing caffeine-free drink. Today, I’m sharing some of my best tips for making your own herbal teas for summer! Why do people love herbal teas? Along with exceptional flavor they also have natural remedy properties.  Mint is a well known […]


Eight Ways to Keep Your Food Cool in the Sweltering Heat

June 25, 2024

The temperature in Kentucky hit 92 degrees today, and it appears that we’ll be seeing the same highs throughout the remainder of the week.  Record high temperatures are creating a heat way across the nation and the heat index can make it seem as if the temperatures are even higher.  It’s certainly a great time to […]

EXPLORE Travel Tips

Best Ways To Avoid Heat Exhaustion When Camping

June 24, 2024

Summer is here and, camping is in fashion once again. Before you head out for the campgrounds, though, it’s important be prepared. Temperatures around the country are still soaring, so it’s extra-important to take precautions to avoid heat exhaustion during your wilderness get-away. Heat exhaustion is a very uncomfortable condition and can turn into worse […]


Heirloom Seeds: How to Harness The Power of the Past

June 23, 2024

The case for heirloom seed saving has never been stronger. Right now there are around 10,000 plant varieties at risk of endangerment or extinction. In addition to providing plant biodiversity for the earth, many of these seeds are edible varieties that provide immense flavor and nutrients when cultivated. Edible seeds include alfalfa (sprouts), chia (sprouts), […]


The Healing Benefits of Dandelion

June 22, 2024

Spring is here and the dandelions are in full bloom already.  Some homeowners view dandelions as a nuisance, but these lovely flowered weeds are bumblebee, butterfly and bird food havens.  A dandelion is also an edible human food source.  Everything from the flower to roots is edible.  Sprinkle on a salad for a fresh treat! […]


Nourish Your Bones from Within Essential Nutrients for Optimal Bone Health

June 21, 2024

Key Takeaways Derived from ancient coral reefs, coral calcium has several health advantages. It is rich in calcium and magnesium, essential for bone health. Coral calcium can help balance pH levels in the body, promoting overall well-being. Include coral calcium in your diet to prevent osteoporosis and improve bone density. What is Coral Calcium? A […]


Are Houseplants the Key to Health and Happiness?

June 21, 2024

Do you dread allergy season? Are you constantly looking for ways to boost your mood and reduce your stress? Do you keep saying you want to live a healthier lifestyle, but don’t know where to start? The solution to all of these troubles, and more, may be as simple as adding houseplants to your home. […]


Best Companion Plants for Your Tomato Garden

June 19, 2024

In all vegetable gardening, it is always smart to find ways to yield a maximum crop with the least amount of effort, time, money, and space.  Growing companion plants in your tomato garden allows you to maximize your yield while repelling insects and pests.  It’s totally a vegetable gardener win-win! Tomato Garden Companion Plants Repel […]


8 Delicious Egg Recipes to Brighten up Your Morning

June 19, 2024

Take an imaginary walk in the early morning sun, across the dewy grass towards your chicken coop. You can hear your hens gently clucking to one another. Quietly you put your hand into their nest to find a clutch of freshly laid, still warm eggs. What a wonderful healthy meal those eggs will make for […]