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The 10 Most Popular Rural Mom Recipes of 2018

December 29, 2018

Can you guess the most popular recipe on Rural Mom?  Though we are known mainly for our farm fresh recipes, it turns out our readers are really interested in our amazing sweets and jellies, too! If you’re looking for special Rural Mom recipes to end the year with, try one of these delicious delights! Top […]


Ring in Your New Year’s Celebration with Style

December 27, 2018

A new year heralds a turning point. When a celebration as special as this comes up, you can make it even more memorable with a little thought and a lot of preparation. A memorable New Year’s celebration is the one that includes special elements to delight everyone celebrating. Whether a small intimate dinner party with […]


7 Ways to Enjoy New Year’s Eve Without a Party

December 26, 2018

A New Year’s Eve party is always fun, but if you’d rather bypass the glitz and glam of large, loud (and often expensive) New Year’s Eve parties, there are plenty of ways to opt for a more low-key celebration. Enjoying New Year’s Eve without a party can be as simple as an elegant dinner for […]


Christmas Candles – Meaning and Symbolism of Christmas Lights

December 23, 2018

Candles have been a symbol of enlightenment for many centuries. They appear in rituals of every culture, and are present in temples of different religions around the altars.  Christmas candles light up our homes and places of worship throughout the holidays. Lightning a candle when praying is a common practice. However, many people don’t know […]


Gluten Free Italian Crouton Casserole

December 21, 2018

With baked goods and traditional dishes, the holidays can be tough when you are on a gluten free diet. Thanks to my partnership with Little Northern Bakehouse, I’m finding more ways to “Eat for Me” by making my favorite Italian Crouton Casserole recipe gluten free! This time of year, I love to make non-traditional foods […]


How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

December 20, 2018

One of the best part of Christmas is decorating the house, inside and out. We all try for inspired chic but may sometimes wind up with thrown-together shabby. Generally, that happens because you forget to plan how to decorate your home as well as you map out your shopping list each year. If you need […]


Christmas Table Decoration and Centerpiece Ideas

December 19, 2018

A lovely table speaks volumes to your guests. A beautifully decorated Christmas table conveys the message that you want those invited to feel welcome and that the gathering is a special one.  Thanks to our partnership with Teleflora, we’re featuring the beautiful Teleflora Halls of Holly Centerpiece and sharing our thoughts on creating a memorable […]


The Art of Stuffing Christmas Stockings

December 18, 2018

Stuffing Christmas Stockings has been an art form of mine for over 40 years. I consider myself a ‘Stocking Stuffing Artist’. Stockings are like paintings. Their appearance should draw people to them with wonderment and excitement. After the presents under the tree lie open, the magic of Christmas dwindles, suddenly someone sees their stocking hanging […]