3 Health Benefits of Organic Foods

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Available data indicates that 94.38 million American homes actively relied on organic foods in 2020. This says a lot about people’s growing interest in healthy living and choosing meals wisely.

Indeed, the certification process for organic food producers is rigorous. However, it is done to ensure standards are met in the US. There are many health benefits of consuming organic foods, and below is a list worth knowing.

Lowers eczema breakouts and respiratory allergies

This is primarily because of the reduced chemical concentration in organic foods. During the growth stage or production process, there is less use of chemicals and other toxins in the soil or water. As a result, organic foods from plants and farm animals are healthier options for people with allergies. This is also true for children who are still building their body’s immunity.

According to medical research, children under eleven years have a lower risk of eczema when their meals are better managed. The report further indicates when eczema-prone kids are fed a primarily organic diet, they often record fewer breakouts in a period. The same research reports that organic diets help reduce other respiratory allergies in adults. The reason given is that allergies have specific triggers.

However, chemical triggers like pesticides worsen an allergic situation in many cases. Therefore, restricting your diet to organic foods has positive results for a person with allergies.

3 Health Benefits of Organic Foods

Enhances the skin’s ability to heal quicker

The human body has self-healing properties. It’s why, after a minute cut or scrape, a scab forms over the area within a few days. If you’ve struggled with the slow rate at which your body heals from injury, you may want to look at your diet. Barring secondary infection and any other medical condition, your body can heal on its own.

Thankfully, you can also give it a boost by opting for organic foods. The saying, ‘food is medicine’ is one you cannot overestimate here. The concern here is healthy organic foods that pack properties to aid healing. So, whether you’ve had weight loss surgery or you’re nursing a wound, carefully selected organic foods can become the launchpad for quicker recovery.

Higher nutritional content

The question of how two of the same farms produce grown differently alters inherent nutrients continues to beat science. However, scientists attribute the difference to chemical exposure.

For example, while two farm-grown tomatoes look the same externally, their nutritional qualities may differ. If one was sprayed with pesticides and other soil-contaminating agents, its nutritional properties are automatically reduced. This is due to the negative impact of chemical residue on antioxidants and other micronutrients.

In other words, when foods grow in safe environments with more focus on sustainable practices, their nutritional values remain untainted. This is good news! Especially because the body stands to benefit more from dense nutrients. It may also contribute to keeping a healthy body size.

Indeed, there is talk of organic foods being slightly higher in cost than others. However, the health benefits for your body certainly outweigh those concerns. And the truth is, you can easily adjust your lifestyle to eat organic with mimimum impact to your wallet.

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