What Is the Noise Coming From My Garage Door?

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Have you noticed a popping, hissing, scraping, gnawing, squeaking, or rattling sound coming from your garage door recently? If that’s the case, there are a number of causes.

Today’s post focuses on some typical garage door problems that produce a wide range of noises. We’ll also provide you with instructions on how to fix the problem and silence the noise.

Busted Springs

Broken garage door springs might make a loud cracking noise. When the torsion spring breaks, the entire spring must be replaced because it is not repairable.

The reason we are concerned about a broken, noisy torsion spring is that it has a significant influence on how your garage door works. Garage doors are operated by springs and levers. When the springs, which are under a lot of pressure, break, you won’t be able to use your automated garage door opener again to raise the door and it will remain closed. People frequently try to manually lift the hefty door in this situation, putting themselves or others in danger as a result.

The Best Solution:

Springs are hazardous, so you’ll need to call a professional residential or commercial garage door repair company to take care of it for you. Springs are complex and sensitive, and replacing them necessitates dismantling part of the garage door mechanism.

What Is the Noise Coming From My Garage Door?

Track Debris

Garages are susceptible to damage from debris in the tracks, especially if it is trapped in a solid location. Anything from ice and pebbles to twigs and leaves may be caught on the tracks.

The Best Solution:

Examine the area under your garage doors for anything that may have dropped and caused difficulties with how smoothly your garage door closes and opens. Remove any objects trapped in the tracks as soon as you’re able to. Sweep your garage on a regular basis to keep the amount of trash lying about to a minimum.

Old or Worn Hardware

Loose hinges, rollers, and screws are the most common causes of noise. All three must be kept tight on a regular basis for your garage door to function properly. It’s also possible that your garage door hardware is rusted or that some of the screws are stripped. When your door is shifting because it’s loose or if it isn’t precisely level, it puts stress on one side.

The Best Solution:

If your garage door’s hinges are loose, use the appropriate screwdriver size to secure them; an inch-pound torque wrench will usually suffice. Check all of the screws on your garage door (including those that aren’t visible) to verify they’re secure. If you can, replace any rotted or rusted screws.

If your garage door is squeaking, apply some garage door lubricant; it’s especially useful if just the hinges are squeaking. Because of the acoustics in the garage, the sound produced by a garage door may be amplified. A low-cost lubricant will frequently enough fix the problem and your door should operate more smoothly as a result.

Bad or Broken Rollers

On rare occasions, the rollers on your garage door, the circular components that allow your door to glide up and down the tracks without making a lot of noise, make a grinding sound. It’s conceivable that they just require some basic maintenance or that it’s time for garage door repair from an expert business.

The Best Solution:

It’s a good idea to use a standard lubricant on the rollers. It is available at any hardware store. They become somewhat scratchy from time to time, and they must be oiled.

If that doesn’t work, their lifetime may be shortened, and you’ll have to have one or more of them replaced by a specialist garage door service business. It’s not a good idea to go out and buy the necessary garage door components on your own. This is serious stuff, and if you don’t do it correctly, you could get in trouble.

Hope This Helped You Troubleshoot!

Garage doors are susceptible to a number of problems, and the most frequent ones have easy fixes. If you’re hearing one of the noises mentioned above click here, and we hope this article has offered some assistance!

If you’re having difficulties with your garage door that aren’t addressed in this post, do further research to see whether a DIY solution or if you should simply call the experts if you need an emergency repair. Some businesses provide services 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Also, keep in mind that if the fix appears to be dangerous in any way, calling the specialists is usually your best bet.

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