5 Garage Door Spring Maintenance Tips

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If you have a garage door, sooner or later you will need to replace your garage door springs. It’s something that comes with owning a garage door. Fortunately, there are several techniques for extending the life of your garage door springs so they last longer and require less maintenance.

Don’t Put Extra Weight on Your Garage Door

Many individuals keep items on shelves above their garage doors. When loading things above your garage doors, be cautious. Too much weight can cause your garage door springs, rollers, and hardware to fail.

If something is particularly hefty, consider whether it truly needs to go up there in the space above the top of your garage door’s opening. There may be a better location or solution for your storage problem.

Garage Door Spring Maintenance Tips

Clean Your Springs Regularly

Another method to make your garage door springs last longer is to clean them. Dirt and grime can accumulate on them if they are unclean. This causes additional issues such as reduced functionality. It may even increase dangers while they are in use. If a spring breaks while you’re working on it, keeping them debris-free will be simpler.

You should avoid cleaning your springs with harsh chemicals or strong detergents. This may harm the material that makes up the spring. A clean cloth soaked in lukewarm water with some mild soap should do the job nicely. You can also clean your garage door springs by wiping them down using a dry towel.

Avoid Overtightening the Springs During Installation

When installing new springs or replacing old ones, make sure they are securely fastened. It’s crucial not to tighten them too much when tightening these up. Doing so can harm the efficiency of your garage door system and reduce its lifespan. It will also decrease the life of the spring. This necessitates that it be replaced more frequently in order to maintain proper garage door operation.

If you don’t feel confident working on and maintaining garage door springs yourself, get help from a professional garage door service repair company.

Only Use Quality Parts from Reputable Vendors

When it comes to your garage door system (or any other home repair project for that matter), using high-quality products from major brands is a good idea. If something goes wrong while you work on it, using an inferior product may make the problem worse or simply require you to make additional repairs until you figure out what’s wrong.

Choosing superior garage door hardware and components can help extend the life of your springs by reducing their propensity to break under tension.

Hire Professionals to Inspect Your Garage Door Annually

Finally, we have a fifth recommendation: having your garage door torsion springs inspected by a garage door repair expert twice each year. Even if you follow all of the other guidelines on this list, neglecting to do so may result in significant hardware failure and potentially costly repair work.

Final Thoughts

As a quick recap, here are the five easy steps to help you get the most out of your garage door springs: The first is not to overload the garage door, for fear of causing issues with the doors, rollers, and hardware. Another recommendation is to keep them clean; if they become dirty, it might lead to difficulties such as decreased functionality or increased danger when in use. When you’re installing new springs and changing old ones, don’t over-tighten them. It’s also critical to use high-quality materials when working on your garage door system. Finally, have your garage door system inspected twice a year by a professional.

If you need assistance doing any of these steps, contact a reputable local garage door repair service team to do the work for you! Spending a little money now for continual upkeep is a lot better than a big, annoying expense later to replace a broken garage door.

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