How Well Do You Know Your Probiotic?

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Thanks to my partnership with GanedenBC30® through Kitchen PLAY, I’ve learned a wealth of information about best practices for probiotics and tips for how to incorporate them easily into your lifestyle. Probiotics are a hot topic in the health arena for their support with gut health. Did you know probiotics like GanedenBC30 can help support your digestive and immune health?

My Probiotic Journey

The first time I learned about probiotics was a few decades ago when I experienced some digestive issues. My standard herbs and fermented foods (that naturally contain probiotics) weren’t helping enough and my doctor recommended probiotics to help with the distress.

What I didn’t know then was there are several types of probiotics and I wound up cycling through several products before finding the one that worked for me. Different bacterial strains or combinations of strains in probiotic supplements offer different benefits. It’s important to understand what strain you are taking, but even more so to also use strains that have clinical support data available to help you make informed decisions.

How Well Do You Know Your Probiotic? #GanedenBC30 #BC30 #Probiotics

Currently, I’m a fan of utilizing probiotics daily as part of my overall wellness regimen. I’m particularly fond of products like GanedenBC30 which are easily found in functional foods and beverages that suit my lifestyle. Rather than taking an additional supplement in pill form, snack on granola or have a cup of tea in the evening that’s fortified with GanedenBC30.

I’m all about convenience when it comes to supplementing my wellness efforts!

It’s so much easier when you can simply get the support you need throughout the day from foods and beverages you love to enjoy.

The 123’s of GanedenBC30®

GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) is a natural, non-allergenic, vegan spore probiotic that can help support digestive health and immune health. A spore-forming probiotic, GanedenBC30’s spore protects the probiotic from damage during the food and beverage manufacturing process and your body’s natural digestive process. This helps the probiotic pass through your system more readily reaching all the areas it needs to.

You can find GanedenBC30 in oodles of consumer products to help take your self-care regimen beyond capsule supplements. Having a healthy routine that includes GanedenBC30 can help you balance your system to boost your overall health and wellness goals.

* GanedenBC30 is backed by clinical studies (you can get the full scoop here:

How to find products containing GanedenBC30®

Finding products with GanedenBC30 is super easy; they’re on the shelves of your local grocer and available through various online merchants, as well. Look for the GanedenBC30 logo:

How Well Do You Know Your Probiotic? #GanedenBC30 #BC30 #Probiotics

You’ll find this on the front, side, or bottom of the package.

The product nutrition label will also either list GanedenBC30 or Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086 (the unique strain name.)

Some of my favorite products I’ve discovered that contain GanedenBC30 are:

  • Flap Jacked Mighty Muffins with Probiotics
  • Lipton Tea + Probiotic Immune Support Powdered Tea Sachets
  • Bigelow Probiotic Teas

How Well Do You Know Your Probiotic? #GanedenBC30 #BC30 #Probiotics

Beyond probiotics – what else can you do?

GanedenBC30 is an important component of your health and wellness regimen but you still need to take additional steps to achieve the best results.

To support your body and the effectiveness of probiotics:

  • eat a balanced diet that includes high-fiber foods
  • exercise regularly
  • get plenty of sleep
  • and drink lots of water!

If you are taking antibiotics or are immune-suppressed, consult your medical professional to help determine the best probiotic strain and dosage practices for you.
Also, always follow the manufacturer’s recommended direction for product use. For example, GanedenBC30 is found in several tea products, so be sure to heat the water to the recommended temperature for maximum effectiveness.

Lastly, have fun with your probiotic journey and make it part of your lifestyle. Find products that support your dietary needs and bring you joy. It’s wonderful to grab a handful of trail mix with GanedenBC30 and know that you are not only satisfying your hunger on your hike, but also supporting the muscles that are carrying you along the path!

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  1. Reply

    I was just talking with my daughters about adding probiotic tea to our afternoon routine. The probiotic muffins sound delightful as well.

    1. Reply

      How fun! Love that you and your daughters have an afternoon tea routine. The muffins are really awesome for on-the-go quick breakfast or snack, have been enjoying that feature regularly!

    • Daisy
    • March 1, 2021

    I didn’t realize that probiotics came in such delicious varieties. I use daily packets, but am excited to check out this brand and try some new things that look practical and delicious. Score!

    1. Reply

      Love it! It truly is a score to be able to incorporate into your lifestyle so easily. Hope you enjoy exploring new options!

    • Bill
    • March 1, 2021

    These sound great. I actually didn’t realize that all probiotics weren’t the same. That’s good to know!

  2. Reply

    It’s so true – I think I’ve only found out recently that all probiotics are not the same. I started having digestive issues about six years ago, and probiotics were the only thing to help me. I love knowing that we already have GanedenBC30® in many brands we’ve already been using.

      • Grace Hodgin
      • March 1, 2021

      Wow Barb, You are always such a wealth of great information! I will be adding probiotics to our diet.

      1. Reply

        Thanks Grace for your lovely compliment! I’m glad that you found the information so useful!

    1. Reply

      It is such an eye-opener, isn’t it? So glad you were able to find the support you needed via probiotics!

      • Ryan Escat
      • March 2, 2021

      Taking probiotics and drinking plenty of water is really something I should work on. Thanks for suggesting this muffin with probiotics.. Sounds so delicious.

      1. Reply

        The muffins are really good. I’ve been using them a lot on mornings when I’m in need of a quick start!

  3. Reply

    I love that this tea has probiotics in it. What a great way to take care of my gut.

    1. Reply

      Definitely a tasty and relaxing way, love how easily I can fit this into my regular routine!

  4. Reply

    I love that tea!! I’ve only been doing elderberry and this tea for months now, and staying super healthy. I love it!

    1. Reply

      Awesome to hear! What a great health combo!

    • Kathy
    • March 1, 2021

    I need to start using probiotics. I have been thinking about it, but haven’t started yet. I see so many great products out there. I need to do my research.

    1. Reply

      Definitely important to research and find the right mix for you. There’s a lot of info on GanedenBC30’s website, be sure to check it out, too!

  5. Reply

    I have tried a couple different probiotics and I always come back to the same one.

    1. Reply

      When you find what works, that’s such a blessing!

  6. Reply

    My daughter loves tea and she has tummy issues. I think this one with the probiotics added into it would be perfect for her.

    1. Reply

      Would be a great way to introduce them, for sure. Love that we have so many options now!

    • Gervin Khan
    • March 2, 2021

    I personally using this tea, it is so good and I really love it.

    1. Reply

      Thanks for sharing the awesome feedback – I agree, it’s a lovely, enjoyable tea!

  7. Reply

    I’m all about the convenience too! Love how simple it is with Ganedenbc30 probiotic and the ease of finding brands I already love that use it!

    • Emily
    • March 2, 2021

    I don’t know much about my probiotic. Like I know as little as I think I get some in my yogurt.

  8. Reply

    I am all about probiotics these days! it makes such a huge difference in how I feel overall

    • Monica Young
    • March 2, 2021

    My doctor told me I need to have some probiotics and I feel this is what would make sense for me, having them as tea

  9. Reply

    I love the idea of being able to get in probiotics in the food I eat instead of taking a supplement!!

    • Heidi Bee
    • March 4, 2021

    Thank you for all the terrific information! I never knew there were differences!

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