Delightfully Easy Ways to Spread Christmas Joy

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Part of the joy of Christmas is in giving. Charitableness during the holidays (and beyond) is an amazing gift! For this giving season, we have some delightfully easy ways to spread Christmas joy!

There are so many ways to give share the spirit of giving with family, friends and neighbors. Consider these five ways to lend a helping hand and bless someone this Christmas.

Delightfully Easy Ways to Spread Christmas Joy

Provide Nourishment

There’s nothing sweeter than sharing a traditional box of baked goods during the holidays, is there? With health concerns high this year, it’s tougher to bake for our loved ones. However, it’s super simple to still send them some homemade holiday goodies with a little help from!* offers all kinds of sweet and savory holiday delights for all budgets big and small. The Cookies for Santa Gingerbread House (pictured) features homemade cookies and crispy treats that will delight anyone you wish to gift some extra holiday joy.

In addition to baked goods, you can nourish your neighbors or loved ones with a fruit basket, meat & cheese gift, or even a comforting holiday popcorn tin. There’s an awesome selection of baskets to choose from for every taste. Two of our favorites are the Farmer’s Market Gift Box and the Fruit Basket (pictured).

These traditional gifts all encourage a nostalgic, cozy Christmas time – one we would all love to have this year! For our family, having fruit and nuts during the holiday season is a long-honored tradition that goes back to my father’s childhood where he wished for oranges and mixed nuts to be found in his stocking each year. If they appeared, you just knew it was going to be a magical Christmas!

Delightfully Easy Ways to Spread Christmas Joy

Rake Leaves or Shovel Snow

By November, leaves are scattered about and easily filling lawns. Raking leaves can be a difficult task for the elderly, or those who find themselves less adept at the physical labor involved. Consider raking the lawn for a neighbor who needs the help. It is a simple way to show kindness and spread Christmas joy

If raking leaves is too difficult for some, then snow shoveling is worse. It is a time consuming task, especially during a cold snowy winter, but it would be that much more appreciated by the neighbors. It is a good Christmas gift for someone who needs it, and can prove to be good exercise. Also, if you have a snow blower, it can make shoveling snow a much easier task for both you and your neighbor.

Donate Gifts

There are plenty of charities who depend on the generosity of others throughout the holiday season. You can run a Google search to find local organization or ask your family and friends what their favorite charities are. For an extra special gift, make a donation in your loved one’s name!

Global charities like Operation Christmas Child are always in need of sponsors, too. At Operation Christmas Child, individual shoeboxes packed with small gifts are sent to less fortunate children as a Christmas gift they may not otherwise receive. Filling a Christmas Child Box is an easy task, is one of the best gifts to give to someone in need, and it is a gift of love. Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes can be acquired through and collected by churches and Christian bookstores.

Delightfully Easy Ways to Spread Christmas Joy

String Outdoor Christmas Lights

Have you ever seen a neighbor struggle to hang lights outside his house in the cool air? An extra pair of hands to help with tasks like this would always be well appreciated. Spread Christmas joy by helping someone hang the lights or decorations.  It’s easy to social distance outside!

If you want to remain zero contact, consider purchasing an easy to apply decoration like window clings. Then gift it to your neighbor. You can simply leave the decoration in a Christmas bag outside their door with a note of Christmas joy.

Delightfully Easy Ways to Spread Christmas Joy


Consider giving back to your community by engaging in volunteer activities this Christmas. Perhaps become involved in Christmas activities in your area. Organizations like Meals on Wheels America are extra busy right now and may need help. Joining in volunteer work is a great way to meet and share with new people, and to do something good for someone else.

These five simple ideas can be some of the best Christmas gifts for anyone, as they are ways of helping people who need it and giving the gift of love. Share Christmas joy this Christmas by showing kindness to someone else.

* Special thanks to our friends at for sending along some samples to help facilitate this article feature. We truly appreciate their amazing ways of spreading holiday joy! 

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