Clever Stocking Stuffer Ideas | 2020 Rural Mom Holiday Gift Guide

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Each year, we love to find clever, creative and fun stocking stuffer ideas. We take as much time choosing them as we do selecting gifts for under the tree!

This year, we could have renamed this guide “helpful stocking stuffer ideas” as each of these ideas are clever but also extremely useful. These are stocking stuffers everyone will truly enjoy receiving and ones they’ll actually use throughout the holiday season and beyond.

As stockings are generally the first treat everyone opens, it can really set the mood of the festivities. Rather than just filling the stockings with candy or fruits, add a personal gift to each one to make emptying the stockings just as fun as opening the presents under the tree.

Below you’ll find our top picks along with a few extra stocking stuffer ideas. We’re truly excited about this year’s stocking stuffer list. We hope you’ll find something you’ll want to pick up for everyone on your list here (including yourself!)

Clever Stocking Stuffer Ideas | 2020 Rural Mom Holiday Gift Guide


In most parts of the US, we are starting to see cooler temps move in. As we spend more and more time outdoors, it’s important to care for and protect one of your greatest assets – your smile! The key is to moisturize and protect with products from Eco Lips. It’s a great stocking stuffer for everyone on your list who enjoys a bit of pampering.

The sun and wind can be harsh in winter and Eco Lips products can help keep your skin protected against all the elements. Eco Lips was the first organic lip balm on the market and their USDA certified organic facility is powered by renewable energy and solar energy. Their products are Fair Trade Certified™, Non-GMO Project Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified, and gluten-free.

Peppermint, Pomegranate or Vanilla Honey Mongo Kiss lip balms are perfect for the holiday season. Brazilian Lip Tints will help you enhance your holiday style. Eco Lips Lip Scrub is an exfoliator that will help smooth dry, rough lips. No matter which one you pick, you’ll be sure to encourage plenty of eco-friendly smiles this season!


This year, we’re seeing a lot of folks looking for ways to return to traditional, cozy holiday style. After the tumultuous year we’ve had, it’s comforting to celebrate our time-honored traditions and find more ways to connect with our families. Embracing some of our favorite toys from the past is a great way to return to a nostalgic time and to share the memories with our loved ones.

The World’s Smallest toys collection is a great way to celebrate our past and current Christmas joys. The collection includes iconic retro brands in tiny working versions. These are the world’s most classic toys in their smallest sizes ever, that actually work! Each is retro throwbacks for grownups and the perfect collectible for kids.

New toys in the World’s Smallest toy collection lineup for 2020 are the Barbie Dreamhouse, Slinky Dog, Kerplunk, Magic: The Gathering, Pictionary, and the Fisher-Price Viewmaster. The existing collection includes popular icons like Lite-Brite, Operation, Perplexus, Lincoln Logs, Glow Worm and more. There’s something for every interest and this is stocking stuffer that will not only bring reminiscence and joy, but will also provide hours of fun play!

Clever Stocking Stuffer Ideas | 2020 Rural Mom Holiday Gift Guide


At Rural Mom, we always celebrate everything “green” and certainly love to include our passion for nature in holiday gift giving. Which makes the Back To The Roots Microgreens one of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas.

The Back To The Roots Organic Microgreens Kit Variety Pack includes 3 packs of microgreens mixes making it a terrific choice to fill one stocking with an abundance of plant love. Or you can place a pack in each holiday stocking on your mantle to spread the joy of indoor gardening throughout your home.

Each kit grows microgreens that are ready to harvest within a week including a Rainbow Mix (Sango Radish, Purple Kohlrabi, Red Cabbage), a Mighty Mix (Broccoli, Kale, Purple Kohlrabi, Red Cabbage), and Broccoli Grow. The baby seedlings are packed with flavor and nutrition (up to 40x the vitamins and minerals of their mature plants!) You can use a pinch to liven up any holiday platter, sandwich, salad, or smoothie. This is such a fun kit to put in each stocking and also a great way to include a healthier alternative to holiday candy!

Clever Stocking Stuffer Ideas | 2020 Rural Mom Holiday Gift Guide


You know those tough-to-buy for people on your holiday list? One of the best solutions to this dilemma is to gift them a calendar. Practical, engaging and fun, Page-A-Day calendars are gift everyone would love to see in their holiday stocking this year.

My husband is one of these super-tough-to-find-a-gift-for during the holidays folks, but I know I absolutely cannot go wrong by embracing his love with crosswords along with the need to stay on track with the days of the week. It’s a win-win-win for the gift giving season!

With over 100 titles covering an array of different subjects and formats, Workman Page-A-Day Calendars are the perfect gift. They cover a wide range of interests from animals to puzzles to bible verses to lists of books to read, there is a subject for everyone. They even offer Page-A-Day Calendars with inspirational quotes, silliest jokes, or stunning photographs of France, Ireland, New York, and other gorgeous views. There are plenty suitable for kids and students, too, like Origami, New Words, and Cat Trivia. Page-A-Day Calendars are a great size for stocking stuffers and for desk use throughout the year.

Clever Stocking Stuffer Ideas | 2020 Rural Mom Holiday Gift Guide


Last year was the first year in a long time we took the time to organize and take holiday family photos of our family and our extended family. To preserve the moment, I opted to make everyone on our family Christmas shopping list a magnet, using these photos. It’s an excellent way to remember the joy the holidays bring us and also to have a quick and convenient way to display them.

Custom Photo Magnets from Nations Lab are creative gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list. You simply upload your favorite photo, a optional sweet message of joy, or a unique design to their design template and watch it transform into a magnetic work of art before your eyes. The Nations Lab Wood Photo Magnets are printed without white ink, showing the wood grain the lighter areas of your image, giving it a rustic, vintage appeal.

Nations Lab also has a variety of other choices including themed Photo Buttons for creating personalized gifts. If magnets aren’t your style, no worries – you can also imprint photos onto ornaments, compact mirrors, key chains, phone cases, bookmarks, mugs and many more items that you can easily slip into every holiday stocking!

Clever Stocking Stuffer Idea | 2020 Rural Mom Holiday Gift Guide


As avid gardeners, we know our Rural Mom readers will absolutely love this stocking stuffer idea! Everyone who loves digging in the dirt and planting needs a great set of gardening of gardening gloves this holiday season.

Digz Gardening Gloves have gear makes sure your digits stay safe while you get to work in the soil (or even making your next crafting masterpiece).The durable gloves are available in a variety of colors and hand-drawn patterns and also have touchscreen-compatible fingertips in case you need to snap a pic in the flower beds.

At Rural Mom, we love Digz for their durability, but also for their price. Several styles are less than $5 a pair at Home Depot, making it easy on your budget to invest in a few new pairs for every chore. We normally stock up on Digz each year and this year we’re adding them to plenty of stockings this holiday season!

Clever Stocking Stuffer Idea | 2020 Rural Mom Holiday Gift Guide


Toys often reflect the modern world. They are miniature imaginative versions expressing fascinating aspects of life. One of the most inspiring trends to see happening in the toy development realm are the wealth of toys focused on inclusivity, kindness, and sustainability.

Crayola Colors Of The World Crayons are one of the best products created to celebrate diversity. Containing 24 new skin tone crayons plus 8 classic colors for eyes and hair, Crayola makes it easy for everyone to celebrate their individuality and diversity. Kids young and old will love finding this delightful crayon set in their holiday stocking this year!

A fun activity for the family during the holidays would be to challenge everyone to draw a selfie using Crayola Colors Of The World and then share it. (You can also share it on social media using the hashtag #TrueSelfie. There is a free Crayola Camera App available on Google Play and at the App Store which allows you to turn your photos into coloring pages. This would definitely be a memorable and meaningful holiday activity this holiday season!

Clever Stocking Stuffer Ideas | 2020 Rural Mom Holiday Gift Guide


Do you currently have a love-hate relationship with your hair? You are not alone! To truly transform your hair into a healthy, vibrant set of locks, it’s important to address what is going on inside and outside of your body. This is where HAIRLOVE comes in.

Vitamin deficiencies caused by poor nutrition from the modern diet directly relates to your hair’s health. HAIRLOVE’s natural solutions contains all the nutrients your hair craves to be healthy and strong. From their flagship formula Keratin & Collagen Complex to their Beauty Pillowcase, HAIRLOVE products truly pamper your hair from the inside and out.

Each of them are the perfect size to slip in a holiday stocking to gift your recipient (or yourself!) a very special treat this year. The HAIRLOVE sleep collection is one of our favorite choices this year… because truly, who couldn’t use some extra R&R for your mind, body, soul, and hair?! Luxury Silk Scrunchies reduce friction on hair and help protect your hair at night without leaving creases. With 100% Organic argan oil, the HAIRLOVE Nourish & Repair Serum restores shine and luster while it reduces frizz and split ends. Any and all of their lovely products make an excellent holiday gift!

Clever Stocking Stuffer | 2020 Rural Mom Holiday Gift Guide


After a handmade gift from one of my amazing children (or my adorable grand child!) the second top gift I’d love to receive this holiday is the gift of relaxation.  Seriously, we moms toil all day long making sure everything and everyone is safe, sound and well-cared for.  A real treat is having a reminder to stop, breath, and chill with maybe a little dose of style, too!

The ancient Ayurvedic practice of Aromatherapy harnesses the mind and body benefits of essential plant oils. It can also create “atmosphere”, boost mood, energy, and mental focus, ease congestion, help relaxation, improve sleep and much, much more. Goddess Garden Organics, known for their high-quality, reef-safe sunscreens, facial care and aromatherapy, has expanded their wearable accessories line with the addition of two new Aromatherapy Bracelets, Strength and Chakra, just in time for the 2020 holiday season.

Goddess Garden Aromatherapy Bracelets can be enjoyed throughout the entire day, even when on-the-go. In addition to capturing and carrying the scent of pure essential oil blends, each bracelet has mood-enhancing stones to help offer additional energetic properties to the wearer. The symbolic charms and color patterns of the bracelet also reinforce intentions and give each bracelet a unique style that’s eye-catching and on-trend. This is one stocking stuffer sure to bring plenty of smiles and serenity to your gift recipient this year!

Clever Stocking Stuffer | 2020 Rural Mom Holiday Gift Guide


I often tell myself that holiday time will be less stressful, but despite my best wishes, it generally turns out to be the most hectic time of the year. Things are even a bit more stressful as we are all having to adapt to new norms that we didn’t encounter last Christmas, like regular mask wearing. This time, more than any other, it’s so important to find and maintain my calm and serenity.

Good Essentials is here to help us maintain calm throughout the season and beyond with the development of two very exciting products. They are ideal for stuffing every holiday stocking with plenty of goodness! The Good Essentials Herbal Infused Hand Sanitizer is a wonderful essential product for the “new norm” and their Aromatherapy Face & Mask Mist is a multi-purpose refresher that provides powerful anti-bacterial properties and relief.

Both fragrant and practical, each of these products are available in a convenient size that’s perfect for on-the-go. The aromatherapy element of each helps ease stress, enhances calm, and reminds you that even when things are hectic, we can still find a sense of tranquility. Gift yourself and all your loved ones these super-handy products this holiday season!

Clever Stocking Stuffer | 2020 Rural Mom Holiday Gift Guide


Miniatures make our list again this year as they are a) cute and b) just plain fun! You can unwrap, peel, and reveal real miniature collectibles with 5 Surprise Mini Brands. These little bundles are perfect for every child on your holiday stocking list, no matter their age!

What 5 Surprises will you unbox? There are over 70 miniatures of your favorite brands to collect including favorites like Dum Dums, Pez, and Dove. There’s also rare Metallic and Glow in the Dark minis, and Super Rare Golden Minis too. Accessories like miniature shopping baskets, carts, and shelves to create a miniature shopping world are also waiting to be discovered.

Who doesn’t love a good surprise during the holiday season? Another one of favorite stocking stuffer ideas is to have everyone open their 5 Surprise Mini Brands collectibles together. They share your finds and even swap them, too. Each pack includes up to 5 real surprise miniature collectibles or 4 miniatures and a surprise shopping accessory.

2020 Rural Mom Holiday Gift Guide


Sports enthusiasts and entertainment fans will love finding Party Companion Trays among their gifts this year. Practical, colorful, and fun, these trays are also environmentally “green”, made from recycled materials. Truly one of our helpful stocking stuffer ideas!

How many times have you fumbled your plate or drink cup while trying to tail-gate or have a conversation during a sports event? Party Companion Trays are a solution I wish I had when my sons were in soccer. It was nearly impossible to enjoy a meal on the sidelines without trying to precariously balance everything. Countless times, there were spills or we just scaled back to avoid any mishaps.

Party Companion trays are a stylish and durable solution to enjoying your favorite foods and beverages without hassle. Designed to be held with a single hand, you can even comfortably answer your phone. Or you can cheer for the team without worrying about dropping your food, utensils, or drink. They are easy to assemble and are available in 5 festive themes including football, racing, and balloon party.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas Disclosure:

We receive sample products for review for our holiday guides. Most of these are donated to local charities after gently testing and inspecting. If it’s not a gift we wouldn’t love to see under our own trees or personally gift to a loved one, you will not find it in any holiday guide. We do not accept payment for placement of items in our guides. If it made it to our top holiday gift pick list, it’s earned a spot. We base decisions on high quality, reasonable price point, and overall excellence in durability and/or functionality.

How does your list compare to our top picks? If you think we missed some great stocking stuffer ideas, let us know!

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