Is a Weekend Cleanse for you?

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Immune boost. Belly fat. Digestive health. Weight loss – all terms that make headlines every day. Studies show an estimated 3 percent (around 7 million) Americans have weakened immune systems. According to the CDC, over 70 percent of adults are overweight.

With most of the country in lock-down due to Covid-19 concerns, some of these issues are exasperated. We are more sedentary. Access to healthy organic food options may be more limited in many households (especially with many Farmers Markets being affected.) Depression from isolation can contribute to overeating.

Like me, you may be looking for ways to reset your body and detox from stress eating. You might be noticing some excess belly bloat. Or you might be highly concerned about your immune system and looking for ways to boost it.

If so, the iBody 3-Day Weekend Cleanse may be a great place to start your journey towards weight loss, boosting your immune system, improving your digestion, or nurturing your overall health and wellness.

What is the iBody 3-Day Weekend Cleanse?

Created by Dr. Roberto Tostado, Scientific Formulator & Founder of iBody, the 3-Day Cleanse is a nutrient-rich programs which guides your body into a fasting-like state safely while minimizing catabolic side effects and nutrient deprivation.

Current studies have revealed that fasting can promote cell regeneration and reduce immunosuppression. In essence, adding fasting to your health regimens may help your body clean itself and better prepare you for the next steps as long-term weight loss or immune boosting efforts.

The cleanse is a three step process. You begin your day with a detox shake and supplements. You fast throughout the day, continuing to cleanse your body with detox waters. At night, you enjoy a Vegan meal along with additional supplement. This pattern is repeated for three days, after-which you resume your preferred diet and exercise routines.

I received a complementary kit to test and below you will find my personal experience with the iBody 3-Day Weekend Cleanse.

 Is a Weekend Cleanse for you?

My thoughts on the iBody 3-Day Weekend Cleanse

The first thing that attracted me to this cleanse was the short duration. I’m generally able to stick to most new habits for at least a week to test them out, so three days seemed very reasonable.

Three days is also very doable. I have found it’s truly tough to stick to any diet when you have a family to feed. Especially when your family opts for different food or lifestyle choices. I can easily work in a Vegan meal for myself for three dinners while still adding other foods to the menu to satisfy the rest of my crew.

Vegan is not my 100 percent lifestyle choice but I often include Vegan and Vegetarian meals in my daily diet. Veggie-based, organic meals are a delight for my taste-buds and my health! If you need help, iBody has recipe suggestions on the website to create your daily meals.

I also appreciate that the iBody 3-Day Weekend Cleanse is gluten free, non-GMO, dairy free, soy free, and made with organic ingredients. Certainly made me feel great about using this product. Especially in contrast to many sugar-based (aka juice) detox programs available.

Restorative waters in the kit include mint, chlorella, lemon, tumeric, cayenne, ginger, and aloe – all natural ingredients I’m already a big fan of and use regularly.

The biggest challenge I knew I would have is giving up my morning coffee for three days. But, again, it’s three days, not a lifetime!

 Is a Weekend Cleanse for you?

My experience with iBody 3-Day Weekend Cleanse

The kit is beautiful, well-designed, and the instructions are clear. I love the cute little water flask that is included. It’s a great reminder to stay hydrated and super easy to pack along for my daily walks. Totally a fun tool I’ll continue to use.

To aid in my success, I made sure I had all the ingredients I would need for my three dinners for the cleanse.  I also made sure to have on hand some quick, organic snacks that I could have, like cherry tomatoes, if my hunger during the day got the best of me.

While I’m no expert at fasting (this is my first one,) I think this program was of high quality. The directions are easy to follow, the products taste good, and I did not have any unwanted side effects other than a slight headache on day three which I attribute to skipping my morning coffee for 3 days.

I did find I was visiting the restroom more often, but not having any discomfort. I’ve heard before that cleansing can produce a flush of toxins from the body, but my experience with this kit is a mild one.

During the fast I slipped up once as we were called on to deal with an unexpected situation. I wound up having a non-organic/vegan snack to subside my hunger and then resumed the program as soon as I returned home.

I didn’t track my weight before and after the cleanse as my objective was to improve overall health and wellness. However, I did notice that by day two I felt lighter, my belly was flatter and my clothing fit better. It totally zapped any bloating I had completely away.

Overall Thoughts and Results

I’m writing this post a little over one week after my weekend cleanse. While the cleanse wasn’t life-altering, it did have a positive effect on my wellness journey and lifestyle decisions.

While participating in the 3-day weekend cleanse, I experienced a lightness of body and a lift in energy. I genuinely felt as if my body was detoxing. Not such a bad feeling!

After the cleanse I was easily able to resume my normal diet without a hitch. However, after the cleanse I notice I was reevaluating all my food and supplement choices. I already incorporate a lot of plant-based foods and medicinal herbs into my lifestyle, but find I’m choosing to do even more now. I enjoy feeling better, lighter, and of course, having more energy!

Overall, the iBody 3-Day Weekend Cleanse is effective, easy to follow, and pleasant tasting. This is a wellness routine that I am considering adding into my wellness routine regularly to help give my body a nice break from and some extra TLC.

Ready for you weekend cleanse? Learn more about the iBody 3-Day Cleanse and additional cleanse kit options including 7-day, 14-day, and 21-day kits at

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