Easter Egg Activity Ideas for Kids

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Eggs symbolize new life, and at Easter time, children love all things eggs. If you’re looking for some fun ideas to keep you children busy, celebrate the Easter egg!

Dedicate a day or theme your entire week with Easter egg activities.

If you are looking for craft supplies, basket fillers or themed Easter eggs, check our our craft partner, Oriental Trading. They have a wide variety of supplies for every activity, including unique egg shapes (like the seashells pictured below) that you won’t find elsewhere.

Easter Egg Activity Ideas for Kids

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter egg hunts are a highlight for many children at the holiday, and there are many twists parents can put on the traditional hide-and-seek game. One new idea is getting a 24-piece puzzle. (An Easter-themed puzzle would be perfect, but any puzzle will work.)

Put one piece of the puzzle in each plastic egg. After your child(ren) find the puzzle, they then complete the puzzle.

Have more than one child or looking for a fun family activity? Another egg hunt option is to break the plastic eggs apart and hide the halves separately. (Use only one egg of each color to avoid confusion.)

After a child finds a half of an egg, she will have to find the person who has the other half of her egg. Partners can then turn in their egg for a prize or treat.

Easter Craft Time

The obvious Easter craft that children love is coloring hard-boiled eggs. Have dozens ready, along with stations containing dye, plastic sleeves that you melt on the eggs by dipping in boiling water, and stickers.

Kids can write with white crayon on the eggs before dying to make a design or name on the egg, too.

Also, provide a table with Easter-themed coloring pages to keep kids occupied when they’re waiting for a turn. You can find free printable Easter coloring pages at Oriental Trading at or check out all the free coloring and activity pages we have on Rural Mom.

Learn the Easter Story With an Activity

Resurrection eggs are an activity that children enjoy because they learn the Biblical story of Easter in a fun and interactive way. Resurrection eggs are 12 plastic eggs, and each egg has a verse and an object in the egg. Children open one each day for the 12 days leading up to Easter to learn the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Provide plastic eggs, papers with verses, and corresponding objects so each child can make a set of resurrection eggs to take home with them. Even if it’s already close to Easter, children will have them to use in future years.

Egg-Themed Games

Divide the kids into two groups and enjoy these relay races with eggs:

  • Egg roll: Children have to roll the egg across the room with their nose.
  • The egg carry: Kids carry an egg on a spoon to the next member of their team.
  • Egg obstacle course: Kids carry an egg through a series of obstacles and pass it off to the person next in line.

Easter Egg Food Ideas

Kkeep the egg theme going in the food department. For a morning party, a kid-friendly brunch with eggs, fruit salad, and some pancakes with whipped-cream smiley faces will make the party fun!

An afternoon party can serve egg-salad sandwiches, carrot sticks for the bunny-lovers, and jello eggs for dessert!

Easter is a fun time for children celebrating the Easter Egg will make the holiday special. Use some of these fun games, crafts, and activities to plan a unique Easter Egg party!

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