14 Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

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Looking for ideas for Valentine’s Day? There is an aura of expectation associated with Valentine’s Day, isn’t there? But, it’s not always easy to come up with new romantic ways to celebrate the holiday.

While gift-giving plays a large part of Valentine’s Day, the real point of the holiday is to spend time with the one you love. Go ahead and shower them with gifts, if you want, but also shower them with attention.

Use these clever ideas for romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day to spark your imagination and celebrations. Hope they help you to arrange something special!

14 Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

Take a Valentine’s Day Cooking Class

During this time of year, you can frequently find Valentine’s Day cooking classes for couples. Check the Internet for classes in your area.

You’ll get a great Valentine’s Day meal and some terrific cooking tips. As an added bonus, you get to spend time with your partner and enjoy the fruits of your combined labor of love.

Climb Aboard a Dinner Cruise

Depending on where you live, you may be able to find late night Dinner Cruises for Valentine’s Day. There are many marinas near metropolitan areas that offer Valentine’s Day cruises, and all it takes is a phone call or two to find one. Enjoying a meal under the stars is a perfect way to enjoy the holiday.

If you can’t find any cruises in your area, look for train rides. There are often dinner theater events and special holiday packages available.

Host a Valentine’s Dinner for Two

Arguably, the best part of Valentine’s Day is when it turns in to Valentine’s Night. Dinner is fulfilling way to spend an evening with the one you love. Make something you know you both enjoy or splurge a little with gourmet ingredients.

You don’t have to spend a fortune eating out on Valentine’s. Cooking the meal at home yourself and enjoying it together by candlelight is about as romantic as it gets.

Watch a Romantic Valentine’s Day Movie

Break out the popcorn and the Snuggie made for two. Curl up on the couch to watch a romantic movie.

Just a few classics to give you some ideas: When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook, and Sleepless in Seattle.

Set the Mood For Romance

If you plan to stay at home and cuddle to some favorite music, make it special. Clear the table and dim the lights. Share your favorite appertif and loving toasts.

Turn on soft music and dance by candlelight. Unless you are both really into cooking, prepare your meal in advance, or have it delivered at just the perfect time.

Schedule a Massage

Ah. Massage. What a great gift! Check with your local spa to see if they have romantic couples massage packages for Valentine’s Day.

Or, stay home and take turns giving each other a massage. Light a candle or two. Soft music is sweet. Scented essential oils are perfect to enhance the romance of the massage.

Give a Gift from the Heart

Gourmet cookies fresh from your oven will be a welcome treat, or try making red velvet cupcakes.

Chocolate is always loved, try making truffles or dipping strawberries together for a fun treat.

Prepare a personal love letter ahead of time to present your special Valentine’s card at a meaningful time. The surprising charm of a love letter cannot be understated. Check out our tips for crafting the perfect sentiment: The Art of Writing Love Letters

Share Your Story

If this is a family celebration, share stories of what Valentine’s Day means to you or tell the history behind Valentine’s Day to the surprise and delight of your family and friends.

For a bit of extra fun, try creating a Valentine Trivia or ask everyone their favorite romantic ways to celebrate the holiday.

Re-Create Your First Date

It may have been awhile since the two of you got away by yourselves. If you are still in the same area where you met, try and recreate that first important date.

If you are married, ask your spouse to marry you all over again. When you get home, break out the wedding album and reminisce.

Take an Overnight Trip

Plan a getaway at a local lodge or a secluded resort, and include a brochure in with your Valentine card. Even if the location is close to home, getting away for an evening can be exciting and make the evening very special.

For an extra treat, splurge a little and order room service!

Dance the Night Away

Take your sweetheart somewhere where there is music and dancing. Even if dancing isn’t quite your “thing,” it can be fun to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

Have a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Leave several little surprises for your love around the house where they can find them. These don’t have to be expensive gifts. Heartfelt tokens left with little cards will be the highlight of the day.

At the end of the hunt, have a special gift like two tickets to the movie theater for an impromptu date. Or find a favorite photo of the two of you, enlarge it, and have it framed in a frame with your names engraved on it.

Renew Your Love

Renew your wedding vows, even if it’s just to each other in the privacy of your own home.

Not married? Simply take a moment a tell each how much you love each other. Include a few vows pertinent to your relationship and seal the deal with kiss!

Put it in Print

Many local papers devote an entire page during Valentine’s week to little messages for favorite Valentines. It doesn’t have to be long and involved, just a note saying “I love you” with your sweetie’s name on it.

Whatever romantic ways to celebrate you choose, be sure to embrace the emotions of the event and create an experience you will long remember and want to repeat. Be honest and sincere and gentle in all that you do and it will show through. This is indeed the season for romance!

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