Nourishing Gifts for Foodies | Rural Mom 2019 Holiday Guide

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We have so many foodies and home chefs that join us on our journey each day and this guide is for you! Welcome to our second annual “Nourishing Gifts for Foodies” Holiday Guide.

You’ll find that all the goodies on this list excite the senses or enhance the experience in and outside the kitchen.

In other words, these are the gifts to give those who love all things food and fun!

Nourishing Gifts for Foodies | Rural Mom 2019 Holiday Guide

Our Top Picks

Every item on our carefully curated list is of high quality and certain to be an asset for any foodie or home chef. There are some that simply sweep us away with their innovation and ingenuity, so we’d just like to give them a little extra-love by adding them to the top of our list.

Old Time Candy Decade Boxes

Everyone loves a blast from the past and foodies will truly appreciate this awesome collection of candies from their favorite decade. Decade Gift Boxes are chock full of all the nostalgic candies you enjoyed in your youth. Available from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, or in an All Decades variety. There’s a box for everyone on your shopping list.

All you need to do is determine the year in which the gift recipient was 10 years old. For example, If they were 10 years old in 1986 then a 80s Decade Candy Gift Box would be a perfect choice. You could also decide to honor the decade you met, their birth year or any other occasion you think would be a great fit.

We’re impressed with not only the fun novelty of this gift but the delightful array of candies in each box. Each one is thoughtfully curated and will delight the recipient. Available in 2-pound and 4-pound sizes, it’s a great gift for an individual foodie or a family of foodies, too.

Vital Choice Wild Seafood Subscription

Every chef knows that finding quality, fresh fish can be a mega challenge! Vital Choice removes the challenge by providing fast home delivery of the world’s finest wild seafood and organic fare. Every selection is harvested from healthy, well-managed wild fisheries and farms.

A Vital Choice Wild Seafood Subscription is a wonderful choice for any home chef. A gift that will keep giving! Subscriptions are available for salmon only, a variety of wild fish, or a wild seafood box that includes shellfish.

If you are looking for a gift to send to a loved one, the Vital Choice Holiday Limited Edition gift box is perfect. Make it a holiday to remember with this one-time Vital Box shipment. It’s specially curated for the holiday season with wild line-caught King Salmon, wild Alaskan Halibut, wild Patagonian Scallops and more! Recipes are also included to help inspire each chef.

In addition to these spectacular gift offerings, you can find dozens more ideas at Vital Choice. There’s even gifts for grill masters, hostesses, and a variety of options for your own home entertaining during the holidays.

Chef Fast Herb Scissors Set

If you are cooking with fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, the Chef Fast Herb Scissors are a kitchen must-have! 5 blades make quick work of chopping and mincing.

The Chef Fast Herb Scissors Set comes with herb shears, a safety cover, and two herb storage bags. The safety cover has a built-in cleaning comb to keep clingy herbs from sticking. Once you own one of these super handy tools, you will wonder how you go along without it before.

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N’ Strain Strainer

A product that not only saves you time, space and sanity is always a win! The Kitchen Gizmo Snap N’ Strain Strainer is all three and then-some. It made our top pick for the Nourishing Gifts for Foodie guide because of it’s simple, genius design and practicality.

The Kitchen Gizmo Snap N’ strain’s universal design takes the strain out of straining. It’s flexible enough to fit onto nearly all pots, pans, and bowls. It snaps on neatly with two clips. Once snapped the pot can be tilted over a sink or bowl. It also takes up a fraction of the space a traditional strainer does.

KitchenAid 100 Year Limited Edition Queen of Hearts Hand Mixer

In the Rural Mom kitchen, we have no shortage of kitchen tools and gadgets, but there’s one we turn to over and over, again. The KitchenAid Hand Mixer is a staple product we truly don’t wish to do without. Our props to KitchenAid for bringing innovation into our kitchen for over 100 years!

The Queen of Hearts limited edition products from KitchenAid celebrating 100 years are simply beautiful. The stunning red color will add vibrancy to any kitchen and this hand mixer will truly stand the test of time.

More Nourishing Gifts for Foodies We Know You’ll Love

We scour the gift offerings each holiday to bring you the best of the best. To ensure we give you clever gifts of comfort and joy ideas for all ages and interests, we also found these gems to include in our annual guide.


We receive sample products for review for our holiday guides. Most are donated to local charities after gently testing and inspecting. If it’s not a gift we wouldn’t love to see under our own trees or personally gift to a loved one, you will not find it in any holiday guide. We do not accept payment for placement of items in our guides. If it made it to our top holiday gift pick list, it’s earned a spot based on its high quality, reasonable price point, and overall excellence in durability and/or functionality.

We hope that you’ve found the perfect gift on this list for the foodie or home chef on your gift list. We’d love to know your favorite ideas, too! Let us know if you think we should include something else!

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