Is it too late to plant trees in October?

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Although it may sound surprising, fall is actually a very popular time to plant trees.  If your objective is to provide some shady cover for the following summer, planting trees in fall is ideal.

Trees planted this fall will be in bloom just in time for spring and summer next year. Many people make the mistake of planting trees only in the spring or summer.  These will not fully bloom until the following year.

Also, trees planted in the fall tend to have stronger roots. During the fall and winter months, there is not much growth taking place and plenty of water provided naturally.

Similar to animals, the trees go into hibernation. All growth activities are concentrated on the root system. A strong root system is an essential component to support the growth of the tree.

Is it too late to plant trees in October?

Maple Trees

One of the best trees to plant in the fall is the maple tree. There are many types of maple trees, all with slightly different characteristics.   The one thing they have in common is, all of them have the same shape of leaves.

Norway Maple, which has very dark leave and provides a thick foliage, are perfect for shady covers during summer.

Red Maple is another variety but it is not so popular for residential compounds as it can grow up to 60 feet with a root system stretching well over several hundred meters. The Red Maple is mostly found in the countryside especially along rivers and streams

Oak Trees

Another common fall tree is the oak tree. There are three popular types of oak trees – White Oak, Red Oak and Pin Oak. The Pin Oak is most popular for residential areas. Red and White Oak are generally found lining town areas and country roads.

Unlike other trees where the leaves will shed during fall and winter, oak trees typically keep their leaves through the seasons.  This makes it the ideal variety to hang decorative lights and banners.

Additional popular trees to plant in fall

There are two other variety trees commonly planted during the fall. One of these is the ash tree as it is well known for the beautiful fall cover it provides.

The other is the Honey Locust which is popular because of its small and thick leaves. This tree is commonly found in the city areas as it is not so susceptible to pollution, crowding or extreme temperatures.

If you are interested in planting fruit-bearing trees in the fall, do check your planting zone requirements.  Some cold-hardy trees like apple trees may do well with a fall planting.  Others, like peach trees may be best planted in the spring.

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