Charm Your Mom this Mother’s Day with DBW Jewelry

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Buying mom a gift for Mother’s Day can seem like an impossible task. Sometimes it is easiest to start brainstorming ideas with a broad idea of what the mom likes. Once you identify interests, it’s a lot easier to theme a gift around them.

Thanks to our partnership with DBW Jewelry, we found a perfect gift for all the wonderful moms in your life.  DBW bracelets are unique interchangeable bracelets, bangles, charms and beads are designed with self-expression at the forefront, allowing you to customize easily.

Charm Your Mom this Mother's Day with DBW Jewelry

For Every Mom

Does your mom run on coffee like I do?  There’s a charm for that!

DBW bracelets offer you a wealth of customization options and charms to create a unique gift that covers all your mom’s interests.  From animals and nature to yoga and wine, you’ll have a great time picking out charms, beads and spacers to reflect your recipient’s personality.

For our custom bracelet build (pictured) we selected:

Coffee Charm in Silver – because coffee is Rural Mom’s favorite food group!
Mother’s Love Charm in Silver – as our children are near and dear to our hearts
Cat Charm in Silver – if you’ve ever looked at our Instagram feed, you’ll totally understand – Rural Mom is #catlady

The customization isn’t just in the beads and spacers.  You can also customize the end cap of your bangle with special stoppers.  We chose the Blooming Rose Bangle Ball Pair in reference to my favorite animation film, “Beauty and the Beast.”

Charm Your Mom this Mother's Day with DBW Jewelry

The detail on each piece of these well-crafted pieces is truly lovely.  You’ll have so much fun creating a custom piece for the special mom in your life that you’ll want to design another one for yourself, too!

Gift Basket It

Can’t decide which jewelry piece your mom will like best from DBW JewelryPurchase a gift card for her to create her own!  Then tuck the gift card into a themed gift basket.

You can also theme a gift basket around the bracelet you picked out and make it the center piece of your basket.  Good themes to consider are those that help mom relax and enjoy her down time.

Begin with a container to use, be creative and find something to match the theme; baskets, bowls, purses, bags and galvanized tubs make good containers. Buy items to fill the basket that are different sizes which fit nicely inside. Finish the basket with shredded paper, wrap in gift basket plastic and tie with a bow. With just a bit of planning and imagination, mom will receive a personalized Mother’s Day present she can adore and enjoy.

Charm Your Mom this Mother's Day with DBW Jewelry

Gift Relaxation

For the mom who likes to relax, choose a bath or reading themed gift basket. Bath or spa products can include her favorite scented soap, bubble bath, lotion and shower gel. Include a candle, eye mask, slippers or robe so she can pamper herself.

A reading themed basket can include books from her favorite author or several magazines; choose her favorite magazines and a few mom has never read that she may enjoy. Fun reading glasses, a bookmark or book light are good additions.

Focus on Hobbies

Mirror the hobbies you selected for the bracelet with themed gift basket.  For example, if you selected the Coffee Charm, fill a basket with mugs, gourmet coffees and treats then top with your lovely DBW Jewelry gift.

Mother’s Day gift baskets for crafty moms can begin at a craft store where there are often hundreds of supplies for different activities. A scrapbook themed basket can include scrapbook pages, glue, specialty scissors, embellishments, ribbon and attachments. For the mom who sews, fill a sewing basket with threads, buttons, patterns, needles, rotary cutter, scissors and fabric.

A gardening mom will enjoy a gift basket for Mother’s day that adds to her gardening supplies. Fill a gardening caddy or flower pot with gloves, pruning shears, a trowel, a shovel, a gardening book and seed packets.

Any way that you fill it,  the special mom in your life will love her DBW Jewelry and Mother’s Day gift basket.  She’ll also truly appreciate the time it took to put together and the thoughtfulness of your selections.

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Barb Webb. Founder and Editor of Rural Mom, is an author and sustainable living expert nesting in Appalachian Kentucky. When she’s not chasing chickens around the farm or engaging in mock Jedi battles, she’s writing about country living and artisan culture.
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