5 Earth Day Activities for Children that Motivate and Inspire

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Earth Day was established nearly 40 years ago through the conviction, enthusiasm and hard work of citizens and leaders concerned about the health of the planet and the legacy that we were all leaving for future generations.

To meet the very significant challenges before us, the earth will need citizens who not only understand the issues but will lead us through the changes required.  These leaders inspire us all to embrace new roles as stewards of the planet we share.

Building these inspiring leaders of change must start today. These five Earth Day activities for children will help them become the future leaders and stewards of our amazing earth!

5 Earth Day Activities for Children that Motivate and Inspire

The Earth Day Art Show And Exhibit

Galleries and museums across the US and Canada create space and time for Earth Day, showing the earth friendly work of the artistic elite.

Create an opportunity for children’s work to shine and inspire us all. The invitation could be open to all to submit work, or perhaps you limit it to a classroom, school, youth group or team in your community.

Contact local businesses for their support. Banks, grocery stores, malls and restaurants may be willing to host the art show, display winning art and even donate prizes.

The Earth Day Talent Show

In many countries around the world, celebrities of all walks are engaged and support Earth Day. In New York, there’s a two-day festival of art, music and the environment. Exhibits at the festival promote green businesses and organic food. The New York, “EarthFair” will see live musical entertainment and headline many well known New York City-based bands and performers.

Nurture the many talents of the children in your community, school or group. Organize a talent show event around Earth Day and challenge young poets, dancers, actors, singers, oratory geniuses and comedians to take part.

The Earth Day Grand Debate

The UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro was the largest collection of world political leaders ever to meet in one location. The debates and discussion there led to many important first steps in addressing climate change and the planet’s health.

Give our young leaders an opportunity to have their voices heard. Invite local business and community leaders, politicians, and other decision makers to be a part of the audience.

The Earth Day Letter Campaign

Responding to citizen pressure, many countries have taken important steps inside their borders to guide consumers and citizens generally towards earth friendly choices.

Our youth are a powerful voice for change. Organize a letter writing campaign on an Earth Day issue that is most relevant in your community. Maybe you desire money from local government to create a community garden or improve the one that already exists. Or, perhaps you want to challenge a local company to make more earth friendly decisions. Send letters through the mail, or create an on-line petition, website or blog for your cause.

The Earth Day Kids Broadcast

None of us can escape the daily news stories or the front-page headlines. We live in a time of environmental crisis and our greatest hope lies in getting as many people as possible involved, as soon as possible, it our battle to improve the health of the planet.

With the Earth Day Kids Broadcast, kids do the teaching. Plan a one-hour broadcast all about earth day and what each of us can do to help. Let the children come up with ideas for the stories. Guide them through the writing and production. Maybe there is an opportunity to partner with a local television or radio station. Do it on your own and broadcast the finished product through a special viewing and online.

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