10 Terrific Ways to Welcome Spring

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The days are getting longer, the scent of fresh earth is filling our lungs and our surroundings are transforming from dull brown to vibrant green, pink and yellow that will make our eyes sparkle again after a long period of being stuck indoors. All these things can only mean one thing- it’s time to welcome spring!

The thought alone is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face, and minds everywhere are racing with ideas of how to enjoy this time of year. Here are ten great ways for you to welcome the spring season.

10 Terrific Ways to Welcome Spring

Open the windows

Although you’ve been keeping the door closed throughout winter to keep out the cold, you’ve also been keeping several months’ worth of air from escaping in the process.

It’s starting to feel pretty stuffy inside about this time of year, so open all the windows in your home and let the fresh spring breeze in. Your spirits will definitely brighten from the change.

De-clutter your home

It’s amazing how much stuff we have lying around. Before starting the traditional spring cleaning, de-clutter.  Look around your home and set aside belongings you no longer use or things that are not working properly.

Sort the pile into what can be discarded, recycled/donated or just thrown away, and you will suddenly find yourself with a whole lot more elbow room.

Start spring cleaning

What would a list of ways to welcome spring be without the season’s namesake? Start spring cleaning from top to bottom (second floor to first floor, ceiling to ground), otherwise dust and dirt will swirl every which way, defeating the purpose of the chore.

If you cannot do a one day marathon cleaning, set aside time each day for a week to clean the windows, scrub the floors, wash the curtains, linen, tablecloths, etc. When finished, add a bouquet of flowers anywhere you choose for ambience and a pop of color.

Have a garage sale

For those with a garage, shed or other outdoor storage area, take some time to de-clutter and organize in there as well. Store away Christmas decorations, shovels and snow blowers, and prepare the sports gear and other outdoor equipment for yourself or the kids.

Again, look closely and ask yourself what you no longer need or that doesn’t work, and recycle or trash what’s appropriate. If there is anything left, donate to your nearest charity organization or have a good old fashioned garage sale.

Inspect your property

Take a walk around your property and see if there is anything in need of repair. This is also a great opportunity to clean out the gutters (provided the blizzards haven’t blown them away) and power wash the siding and outside windows.

Early spring is a great time for painting or renovations should it be necessary.

Landscape your home

The cold weather has probably wreaked havoc on your lawn by now, and it needs some TLC. Rake the grass of last fall’s dead leaves before revving up the lawn mower.

If you’re planning to plant flowers or make a garden, turn up the soil to redistribute the nutrients, then visit the local nursery to stock up for the season.


It’s time to rejuvenate your body after being indoors for so long. Walk through the park, jog along the boardwalk or get in a good workout by rearranging patio furniture.

Virtually all of the above suggestions will contribute here as well.

Wash your car

Your car has taken quite the beating these last few months, both inside and out. Air it out a bit before vacuuming all the nooks and crannies, dusting the dashboard, cleaning the windows, and washing the exterior. For the finishing touch, hang an air freshener of your favorite spring scent.

Head out to a baseball game

It’s time for the hot dogs and crackerjacks! America’s pastime is just around the corner. It doesn’t have to be a professional or expensive outing.  There are plenty of local teams and organizations that play ball, too.

Take a hike

A hike will get the adrenaline flowing after a long winter’s nap. Make plans with a group of friends, or if alone, bring along a camera to capture nature’s beauty.

These are just some of the ways anyone can celebrate spring’s arrival. And hopefully these suggestions will surely revive and invigorate you for the months ahead!

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