What Your Valentine’s Day Flower Selection Says About You

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Thanks to our partnership with Teleflora, we’re chatting about the best flower selection for expressing your sentiments.  One thing we know for sure, when you opt for choosing flowers from Teleflora, you’re choosing to gift the freshest, most beautiful bouquets for all the loved ones on your list.  The new Valentine’s Day floral collection is simply stunning!  You’ll find Teleflora’s Sterling Love Bouquet featured visually throughout this feature… read on!

Are you spontaneous, flirtatious, loving, loyal or all of the above?  What flowers do you gravitate towards selecting for Valentine’s Day gift giving?  Do you know what your Valentine’s Day flower selection says about you and the love that you feel for your significant other?

When choosing the best type of flowers to give on Valentine’s Day, the first thing you need to decide is what is the nature of your relationship is to the recipient.

Is the person receiving the flowers a girlfriend, mother, aunt or friend? Different types of flowers can have a special meaning.  Check out some of our favorites below to help inspire you with your flower selections this Valentine’s Day.

What Your Valentine's Day Flower Selection Says About You


The ever popular rose holds a variety of meanings.  Even the color of rose you choose to give sends a different message.  Yellow roses signify joy and friendship.  White roses expresses innocence.  A pink rose shows gratitude and the red rose means love and passion. Depending on the relationship, a rose can be the perfect flower to give as a gift to everyone on your Valentine’s Day shopping list.

How many roses should you give? This also depends on the nature of your relationship and the number of years you have been together. If this is your first date with someone this Valentine’s Day, one single red rose will do. This means it was love at first sight.

Giving two roses symbolizes that you have love and affection for someone. Surprising someone with three roses is usually done on your one month anniversary of your relationship; and finally, giving someone a bouquet of twelve roses signifies, “I’m yours!”


Roses are not the only type of flower that has a significant meaning. The orchid represents seduction, exotic beauty and love.

If your Valentine has these qualities, choosing a bouquet of orchids would be a lovely gift.

What Your Valentine's Day Flower Selection Says About You


The tulip is another great flower to surprise someone with this Valentine’s Day. The meaning of the tulip is, “perfect love.”

If you are looking for the perfect flower selection to express to someone that they are your perfect match, the tulip is the right choice .


The sunflower doesn’t seem like it would be the perfect flower for the holiday of love, however, this flower symbolizes loyalty. Many people enjoy receiving the sunflower on Valentine’s Day because of its beauty.

This is a great choice to show your significant other that you are loyal to them and only them.

What Your Valentine's Day Flower Selection Says About You


Carnations are a popular choice for Valentine’s Day gifting, not only for their budget-friendly price, but also for their cheerful, lush blooms.  Another reason carnations are popular is their natural vibrant shades and their ability to be dyed a variety of colors.

Red carnations symbolize love and admiration. White is symbolic of pure love.  Gift pink to your mother or your Galentines, they symbolize gratitude.  Feeling impulsive, gift purple carnations to the object of your affection.  The one carnation color you want to avoid gifting on Valentine’s Day is yellow because they traditionally symbolize rejection!

What Your Valentine's Day Flower Selection Says About You

Additional Flowers

With a wide variety of flower selections to choose from, there are plenty of other great choices to gift like Lilies which are symbolic of purity, passion and beauty.

Alstroemeria is traditionally known as the flower of friendship. Stock is a symbol of lasting beauty and bonds of affection and a sunflower is symbolic of adoration and pure thoughts.

Can’t decide?  Choose a beautiful arrangement of florals like the Teleflora’s Sterling Love Bouquet which features red roses, dark pink Asiatic lilies, red Alstroemeria, and burgundy Stock.  The new collection of Teleflora’s 2019 Valentine’s Day bouquets makes expressing your one-of-a-kind love easy, beautiful and meaningful.

What Your Valentine's Day Flower Selection Says About You


When choosing what type of flower to give as a gift this Valentine’s Day, just relax and focus on your true feelings for that special someone. Most importantly, show that special someone how you feel this holiday let them know they have made a difference in your life. Having someone to share this day of love with is very special, surprise your significant other with romance and flowers and it will be a holiday they will never forget .

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