8 Essential Items You Won’t Want to Leave Home Without

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Lately, I’ve been thinking it’s time to Marie Kondo my purse.  Seriously.  There’s very little I want to hug and cherish in there.  And I always seem to be without the essential items I truly need on my journeys.

Recently, I discovered two clever companies that both spark oodles joy: Karma and Wit.   Not only do they offer whimsical and inspirational designs, they offer plenty of practical products to help get your life (and purse) in order.

8 Essential Items You Won't Want to Leave Home Without

After checking out their new spring line, I found eight essentials you totally will not want to ever leave home without.  They’ll each be of great service to you whenever you’re on the go and will quickly become the most joy-giving travel companions!

8 Essential Items You Won't Want to Leave Home Without

Mermaid Carry All

First, you need something to catch all the things you always seem to be searching for like lip gloss, coupons, pens and bandages.  Keep them all at your fingertips with this gorgeous carry-all with a tropical vibe.

Measuring around 6.75″ x 8.75″, this case has ample room for everything and can be used as a clutch for days when you want to travel light.  The attached lobster-clasp allows you to clip it inside your purse or carry-on, or quickly attach to a beach bag or key chain.

If Mermaids aren’t your style, you find plenty of other carry-all styles at Karma and also at Wit to accessorize with.

8 Essential Items You Won't Want to Leave Home Without

Globe Shopping Tote

If only I had a orange for every time I forgot to grab a reusable shopping tote from my car or wished I had an extra bag handy when traveling.  Well, I’d be truly hopped up on Vitamin C, if I did!

The Globe Shopping Tote solves the common problem instantly.  I simply keep the compact case in my purse or travel bag and unzip when I need it for flea market finds, collecting sea shells, or grocery shopping.   The bag expands to 14.75” W x 24” L, so there’s plenty of room for everything.  Plus, it’s washable!  Truly a great tool every traveler needs.

8 Essential Items You Won't Want to Leave Home Without

Sloth Bits & Buds

Perfect for holding a pair of headphones, your daily herbal supplements or your change, the Sloth Bits & Buds lets you instantly find those little things you’re looking for.

This tiny pouch has a handy zipper making it a breeze to quickly access what you need.  A lobster-claw clip offers you the option of hanging it inside your bag, attaching to a wallet or clipping to your key chain.   You can also slip it in your pocket, clip it to your belt loop or tuck in your luggage – the possibilities are endless with this handy little case.

8 Essential Items You Won't Want to Leave Home Without

Charcoal Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set

You never know when the opportunity to explore will arise, so it pays to be able to “ready, set, jet!”  Karma has you covered with this beautiful Vegan leather passport and luggage tag set.

Perfect for presenting your passport in style and ensuring your luggage stays attached to you.  The luggage tag is also great to keep in your gym bag or even your lunch box.  With all that good karma inside (and your name and telephone number, too) should you ever misplace them, they should readily find their way back to you.

8 Essential Items You Won't Want to Leave Home Without

Wander Ankle Socks

Mom always told you to wear clean underwear when you went out.  She should have added that you should always have a spare pair of socks on hand, too.

When you stop over at a friend’s house in the summer.  It’s tough to get cozy on the couch with your flip flops on and bare feet are just… not the best dressed guest idea.

Rainy days happen and spare socks can really save the day.  There’s also those times when you leave the house quickly and don’t stop to put socks on.  Trust me, you will find a use and be super thankful someday to have your Wander Ankle Socks tucked into your carry-all.

8 Essential Items You Won't Want to Leave Home Without

Free Spirit Zip ID

If you are the type who heads off to whether the road takes you that day, a Free Spirit Zip ID is the perfect purse and pocket companion.  Stash your cash idea and other essentials inside and you’ll be ready to head out on a moment’s notice.

Show everyone your “Free Spirit” or choose other fun designs including florals, llamas, mermaids and more.  Whatever your style, this handy little case will be your go-to.

8 Essential Items You Won't Want to Leave Home Without

Narwhal Emery Board

Because everyone needs a Narwhal Emery Board in their purse.  When you snag a nail, you want to smile.

Narwhals are true joy-givers.

8 Essential Items You Won't Want to Leave Home Without

Avocado Headband

This is another case of that “I truly wished I had one with me” items.  When you are sweltering on a summer day or find yourself playing an impromptu game of Volleyball at the local pub, an Avocado Headband is a must-have.

It’s also a fantastic accessory to have on those not-so-great hair days.  Any time you can add some good karma and a bit of whimsical wit, it’s an instant day brightener!

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