Christmas Table Decoration and Centerpiece Ideas

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A lovely table speaks volumes to your guests. A beautifully decorated Christmas table conveys the message that you want those invited to feel welcome and that the gathering is a special one.  Thanks to our partnership with Teleflora, we’re featuring the beautiful Teleflora Halls of Holly Centerpiece and sharing our thoughts on creating a memorable Christmas table for your gatherings.

A simple meal can feel like a banquet feast when creativity and imagination adorn the table.  My favorite decor choice, fresh flowers, helps bring the outdoors in and always brightens a room.

Christmas Table Decoration and Centerpiece Ideas

A floral centerpiece like Teleflora’s Halls of Holly Centerpiece (pictured) is a quick and easy way to add some holiday cheer to your table. The best part about Teleflora bouquets and centerpieces is that they’ve done the work for you! All you have to do is place it at the center of your table and see the transformation!

In the evening, you can light the candles of the Teleflora Halls of Holly Centerpiece to add a bit of shine to your celebrations.  It’s truly a lovely decoration, you’ll enjoy throughout the holiday season… and beyond.  The centerpiece sits in a lovely stoneware serving dish you’ll enjoy for many holidays to come.

Once you have your centerpiece selected, you can add a little flair by adding pieces around it and coordinating dinnerware and other table decor.  In the center of the table, place a tuft of angle hair to set your Telefora Halls of Holly Centerpiece on.  A little town scene can be added. Mini Christmas stockings holding a trinket of some sort would be a nice favor.

Christmas Table Decoration and Centerpiece Ideas

To decorate a table for a Christmas meal the choices are many. The first decision to make is to determine the mood you want to set. Should it be playful? Do you want to take a traditional approach?

Perhaps something out of the ordinary could be unique and novel. Is there a particular theme you would like to emphasize? Did you reach a significant milestone during the year?

If you are a Christmas cookie baker think about stacking some Christmas cookie cookbooks in a decorative way around the table. At each setting have cellophane bags or miniature bakery boxes filled with cookies with a ribbon attached reading From the Bakery of (insert your name.) They could be the dessert or the take-home favor.

Use gingerbread boys and girls with the names of the guests written on them to double as the place cards. Gingerbread ornaments made from clay that have a gingerbread fragrance to them are a terrific alternative choice.

Christmas Table Decoration and Centerpiece Ideas

Consider a “Candy Cane Lane” theme. There are plenty of possibilities using red striped ribbon and candy canes.  Sprinkle peppermint candies with minature candy canes around the table.  Large candy canes are great favors to place on plates.  You could even tuck a candy cane or two into your Teleflora Halls of Holly Centerpiece to complete the look.

For a buffet table place the serving dishes on gift wrapped boxes of various heights. Round serving dishes can be placed on grapevine wreaths.

One year for a Christmas Eve luncheon, my table we decorated with a music of the season theme. The centerpiece was a lovely floral one like the Halls of Holly with a few musical instrument ornaments scattered around it. I had photocopied Christmas carols from a hymn book and had them enlarged to the size of a standard place mat. I then had them laminated.

At each place setting was a wrapped CD of Christmas music. The gift tag served as the place card.

Teleflora's Halls Of Holly Centerpiece

No matter what your idea, whether you want a sophisticate look or kitschy one, it’s easy to pull off when you focus on the centerpiece first and then coordinate the rest of the table around it.  Be bold. Be daring. Have a table that says Welcome to our home. Merry Christmas!”

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