DIY or Buy: Your Guide to Fall Farmhouse Decor

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Fall is just around the corner, and you’ve probably already gotten a head start on decorating your home for the season. As a farmer, it’s probably no surprise that I have always loved farmhouse decor, but farmhouse decor isn’t always cheap. Those farmhouse signs can be $30+ if you’re not careful where you shop!

To help you navigate, I put together this guide to help you decide whether you should try to make your fall farmhouse decor yourself this year or to consider buying it at a store. I don’t just take into consideration price either, but time spent and how difficult it would be to recreate these items too.

DIY or Buy: Your Guide to Fall Farmhouse Decor

Painted pumpkins: DIY

You can find really great quality pumpkins at the dollar store that are perfect for painting! Find the cheapest pumpkins you can, and make them your own by giving them a good coat or regular, fluorescent or chalk paint. You will have to buy the pumpkin, but pre-made painted pumpkins are going to be way more expensive.

As with any handmade item, you’ll also have a one-of-a-kind piece that you can treasure for years to come.

Galvanized buckets: BUY

You can find cheap galvanized buckets without any text on them, but the ones that scream fall, usually have text already written on them. These are the ones that are worth the buy! They can be found on sale all fall long at craft stores, and you can always add additional touches yourself to spruce them up.

Centerpieces: DIY

When it comes to putting together a great fall centerpiece, you should skip the pre-made ones. Putting together a gorgeous fall farmhouse centerpiece is so easy!

All you need are some plastic pumpkins, a little greenery, and some fall leaf garland (all of which you can find at your local craft or dollar store) and you have a stunning centerpiece to use throughout the fall season.

Chalkboard sign: BUY

You can easily make your own chalkboard sign that has an adorable fall saying, but the ones you can buy are generally less expensive than making your own, especially when you factor in the materials costs.

Head to a craft store (preferably with a coupon!) and buy a blank chalkboard sign. If you want to save a few bucks, and write in your quote or saying of choice to save a few bucks. This will only take minutes, and you don’t have to go through the trouble of cutting wood to make your own.

Door hangers and wreaths: DIY

When it comes to door hangers and wreaths, you could find yourself spending $20+ at the store for a sparse, flimsy wreath.  You can easily spend upward of $50 to purchase a quality, eye-catching design.

Instead, head to the craft store, grab one of their wreath forms and make your own! You can buy wooden sign supplies, florals, ribbon and more at your craft supply store or dollar store to create your own unique door hanger and wreaths.  It will be ready to go in just a few minutes depending on how complex of a design you are making.

Throw pillows: BUY

If you are not ready to sit down and sew up a pillow AND create the design on the front, then you may just want to buy the wealth of adorable throw pillows available this time of year at your local retailers. Amazon and other stores will have great throw pillows that have a great farmhouse theme for $10 or less if you shop early.

I hope that this guide helps you a little in deciding which fall decor pieces to make yourself, and which you should buy from the store.  Naturally, there are exceptions to the “rules” and I would never suggest that you don’t head down the DIY path if that’s absolutely where you would like to go.  Handmade fall farmhouse decor is always a joy to have in your home any time of the year!

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