Baby Shower Planning – Best Tips and Gifts!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine.

Anticipating the birth of a new baby is a very exciting time for the mom-to-be and for relatives and friends.  With my first child, everything was so special, new, thrilling and exhilarating!

Baby Shower Planning - Best Tips and Gifts!

My baby shower was one of the most memorable and highly anticipated events during my pregnancy.  I could hardly wait for my daughter to arrive and having a celebration in honor of the baby-to-be was a really delightful milestone signifying the day was near that I’d be holding my newborn.

The one thing I remember thinking after my daughter was born was that I sure wish I had more diapers!  Whew!  Babies can really zip through them!  When I was pregnant with my sons, diapers and wipes were honestly the number one request on my baby shower wish list.

Baby Shower Planning - Best Tips and Gifts!
I will always treasure the memories of all my baby showers, but especially the first one!

That’s why the number one gift I give each time a family member or friend is expecting is a big box of Pampers diapers and another of Pampers wipes from Sam’s Club.  I have received many a heartfelt thank you for this thoughtful gift and plenty of raves that the gift was a lifesaver when they returned home from the hospital prepared, not having to waste precious moments away from the baby chasing down diapers at the local grocer.

Right now, moms and dads, expecting moms and dads and joyful baby shower gift givers can get $5 off each package of Pampers diapers and up to $5 off each package of Pampers wipes at Sam’s Club and on (with free shipping!)  You can buy up to three packages and put up to $15 back in your pocket.  And what parent couldn’t use a little extra savings?  There’s no clipping coupons involved, either, just simply shop at Sam’s Club and the savings are automatic!

Baby Shower Planning - Best Tips and Gifts!
My adorable granddaughter is helping me to stock up for upcoming baby showers!

Pampers are a trusted brand that helped keep my three children and my grandchild snug and dry through 20 years of parenting (and grand-parenting.)  I gift them because I know they will be of wonderful help.  Sam’s Club is my go-to for picking up bulk package items and I truly love that I can get immediate savings without having to download a coupon or fuss with a rebate.

Want to get your baby shower party started? If you want your baby shower to stand out from the crowd, consider using one or more of these clever ideas to host a memorable event:

Personalize the Party. Does the mom-to-be have a favorite color, movie, or hobby? There is no reason the party has to be decorated in pinks or blues or with rattles and ducks. If the mom-to-be’s favorite color is purple, run with it! If their favorite film is Twilight, consider having vampire rubber duckies as party favors and red as the prominent color of the day.

Theme your Cuisine. Skip the traditional finger sandwiches and cakes and have an Italian style baby shower with pasta dishes and cannolis, or a Mexican fiesta with a taco bar and churros.

Hold a Pre-Contest. Want to inspire guests to bring the expectant mother diapers or some other staple needed? Announce a competition in the invitation, offering surprise giveaways to the person who brings the greatest number of diapers, wipes or other items, and perhaps have prizes for the runner-ups, too. The mom-to-be will get the much needed, handy items and the guests will have fun from the get go!

Baby Shower Planning - Best Tips and Gifts!

Host the Baby Shower in a Non-Traditional Setting. Pack a picnic lunch spread and take the shower to the park. Or host the shower at the zoo, a pizza parlor, or another fun location to add variety to a day everyone will be certain to remember!

Make an Advice Book. Put your words of wisdom into a booklet form (easily created on your home computer or with the help of a print shop.) Then add a number of blank pages in the book for all the baby shower guests to add their sage words of advice. This is a book the mom-to-be will treasure and a great way to “mark” the occasion.

Allow the Other “Guys” to Attends. Who says that baby showers can only be attended by women? Throw a night-time shower complete with games and party fun suitable for both genders and have a great guys and gals baby shower night out.

Baby Shower Planning - Best Tips and Gifts!

Share a Little Bit of the Past. Have each guest bring a sentimental keepsake from their first baby or from their birth. Display the items on a decorated table. This will offer a fun trip down memory lane for all.

Take the Mom-to-be Shopping. If you have a small group for baby shower guests, have everyone meet at a designated store, like Sam’s Club, and purchase the expectant mother gift certificates for the store or present her with a money envelope that everyone has contributed to. The shop the day away helping her pick out Pamper diapers and Pampers wipes and help select colors and features for all the items she selects.

Have the Baby Shower After the Baby is Born. Why not shower gifts on the little one after he/she is born? Especially, if the baby is a second or third child in the family. They are less likely to need items up front and the parents will have a better idea of needs, plus the baby can partake in the event! Or, consider having a Before and After Baby Shower. Host one for helping the new mom out with essentials such as car seats and Pampers diapers, and the second as a “welcome the baby” shower where guests can less practical and more frivolous gifts, if they wish.

Baby Shower Planning - Best Tips and Gifts!

Have a Paporatzi Party. Treat the mom-to-be like a movie star and roll out the red carpet. Place disposable cameras at each table and designate a videographer to video tape the big event. Instead of traditional party favor, have mini-swag bags to hand out filled with fun and inexpensive items such as lip gloss, candy, and play jewelry. The marquee sign is the limit, pull out all the Hollywood stops and treat the expectant mom to a memorable “opening” night.

What’s was your favorite baby shower moment or gift?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine.

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