Reliable Medical Information at Your Fingertips – Merck Manual Consumer App

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When you have a medical question, where do you find reliable information?  While I certainly speak directly with my doctor for any important matters, there are often times I just have a curious question or two and need some quick answers.  Thanks to my partnership with Merck for this sponsored post, I’ve now discovered The Merck Manual Consumer App which provides 24/7 access to reliable medical info at no cost to consumers and professionals.  This handy new tool is with me at all time, on-the-road, at sports events and even in the doctor’s office waiting room.

How many times have you waited in the doctor’s office or emergency room to be seen for an injury or unexpected condition?  With three children, I’ve certainly had my share of these moments!  I’ve also encountered plenty of questions along the way, some complex, and some as simple as my son’s most recent complaint – acne.

Reliable Medical Information at Your Fingertips - Merck Manual Consumer App

Like every mom, I stress whenever it comes to my child’s health and well-being.  When you are facing any type of medical concern with your children, it can truly weigh on you.  What I’ve learned over the years is that being as informed as possible, discovering answers, advice and understanding procedures ahead of time can really help reduce your stress level and prepare you to become a better advocate for your child.  Now, I’m turning to the Merck Manual Consumer App to help me do so and I’m truly enchanted with the ease of use and wealth of information available with this App.

The Merck Manuals have been a trusted source of medical information for over 100 years, and now they are available to us as a free consumer App to use.  You can find them here:

This week we looked up acne.  While this may sound trivial or minor, I can assure you, to a teen boy, this is a very important subject!  I’d exhausted my resources of self-knowledge, friends, family and so on, so it’s totally time to turn to the experts.  Reviewing the Merck Manuals Consumer App information with my son, we found a wealth of information on the subject including videos, tips and resources.  It helped my son better understand the condition and me to make an informed decision that it was time to visit a dermatologist to see if there are other underlying skin conditions.

Reliable Medical Information at Your Fingertips - Merck Manual Consumer App

More About The Merck Manual Consumer Mobile App:

The Merck Manual Consumer App provides clear, practical explanations for thousands of medical disorders, giving consumers access to credible, easy to understand health information that’s been written, vetted and updated by more than 350 medical professionals and is available even when you don’t have internet access.

The app is completely free of charge with no advertisements. There is no registration necessary and the app is not used to collect any personal information. With the app, your Apple or Android device will contain not only every one of the thousands of topics posted on The Manual’s website but all of their 800+ photos and illustrations, along with as many of the almost 200 animations and videos as you choose to download.

In addition, when an internet connection is available, the new app provides online-only access to the other great features of our award-winning website, such as:

  • Interactive health quizzes
  • Drug and medicine information guide, including drug interactions and a pill identifier
  • Medical news and TV covering important health topics
  • Editorials written by The Manual’s editorial board and expert authors

For access to thousands of medical topics with images, videos and a constantly expanding set of resources, visit (in the US and Canada) or (outside the US and Canada) and connect with them on social media:  Twitter and Facebook

Reliable Medical Information at Your Fingertips - Merck Manual Consumer App

As with everything, the best way to find out more about the Merck Manual Consumer App is to simply give a test run.  One thing I really love is that the bulk of information on the app doesn’t need an Internet connection to function.  As we are going on a cruise this year, this gives me a little more peace-0f-mind that I can get some quick information, if needed.  I’m very impressed with our experiences so far and know this is one app, I’m going to turn to over and over again to help address our family’s health needs and be the best mom-advocate I can be.

Have you tried the Merck Manual Consumer App?  What’s your favorite feature? 

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    • Josie
    • January 16, 2017

    I see this is a new app… I’ve just installed it and I was curious what’s the difference between this and the Pro version. I’ve noticed two apps from MSD and I don’t know which one is better. I don’t have kids but I’m always finding myself googling various symptoms and we all know how scary that is. Once I had problems with my left leg and I was convinced I had MS so I’m not doing that again!

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