Irish Christmas Traditions (and Mince Pie Recipe!)

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When I was young, I thought everyone had mince pie for the holidays. My grandmother made heaps of it and my father had a knack for slicing pieces so big, they made my little eyes smile but my tummy nearly bust from the savory, rich goodness. As we always hosted Christmas at our home, I was well into my teens before I discovered this was part of our Irish Christmas traditions and that no one outside my paternal family celebrated the holidays with heap of mince pie!

Irish Christmas Traditions (and Irish Mince Pie Recipe!)

In fact, I often got funny looks from people when I even brought up this delectable dessert. Most had zero-to-no-idea-what-on-earth I was raving on about.  It was at this point, I realized I was definitely and distinctly a member of an Old World Irish clan.

This year, I partnered with Cost Plus World Market to share my Old and New World Irish Christmas Traditions.  You can enjoy the full story and find a great recipe for a quick and easy Holiday Irish Mince Pie at:

Irish Christmas Traditions (and Irish Mince Pie Recipe!)

Appreciation of heritage was something I lacked understanding of in my youth.  Now, as an adult, I cherish the Irish family traditions that shaped my childhood experiences, filling our celebrations with warmth, love, joy and rituals that enriched our lives.  I treasure the act of setting up a mince pie and a bottle of Guinness on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus , it’s unmistakably expressive of my culture.  I have come to understand that leaving our Christmas decorations up past the New Year is not a sign of laziness, it’s one of good fortune!

Irish Christmas Traditions (and Irish Mince Pie Recipe!)

I hope my story and ideas on the Cost Plus World Market blog inspire you to enjoy a bit of Ireland in your celebrations!

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    • Janet
    • December 12, 2016

    Yep, I have to admit this is news to me as well, I had no clue what it was until I saw your pics. Mince pie and beer, how could Santa say no to that? I don’t know if I’ll be able to make your delicious mince pie for Christmas as I won’t be a host this year but I must try it soon, I love myself a sweet treat, regardless the occasion.

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