Rural Mom is Headed to the PETE’S DRAGON Red Carpet Event! #PetesDragonEvent

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Sometimes I start feeling my age a bit, like when I received the invite for the amazing Pete’s Dragon Red Carpet Event.  The original “Pete’s Dragon” film was one of my childhood favorites, but it wasn’t until that mega-cool moment that I realized the original was produced in 1977!  To my inner child, the joyful memories of watching the film are fresh.  My adult self hasn’t seen the movie in probably about 20 years.

Rural Mom is Headed to the PETE'S DRAGON Red Carpet Event! #PetesDragonEvent

While this certainly made my 40-plus-self feels a little long in the dragon tooth, it also filled me with a sense of wonder on how powerful motion pictures can be to leave such lasting, vivid impressions.  When I think about the original film, it lights my soul with heart-warming feelings and a deep-seeded love of all-things-dragon.  I expect to find all this and more in the new re-imagined PETE’S DRAGON film that I’ll have the honor of previewing next week!

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I (along with 24 other fabulous writers/bloggers) will be viewing PETE’S DRAGON for the first time at the red carpet premiere!  That’s the stuff fairy tales dreams are made of to my dragon-loving-heart! I’m already filled with butterflies of anticipation and oodles of curiosity to find out things like if the red carpet will be green and what celebrities will be at this spectacular event.

With every trip I’ve taken to Hollywood, courtesy of my wonderful friends at Disney, there’s plenty of other wonderful adventures and insider scoops packed into our itinerary.  Check out the full details below – I’ve included links and hashtag information for you so you can easily follow me along on this fantastical journey.

Sunday, August 7th – Tuesday, August 9th Disney Event will include the film releases of PETE’S DRAGON, QUEEN OF KATWE and MOANA as well as the In-Home release of THE JUNGLE BOOK!

At the event, we will:

  • walk the red carpet at the PETE’S DRAGON (opening in theaters on 8/12) premiere
  • interview Bryce Dallas Howard
  • take a sneak peek at some of the exciting bonus content featured on the Blu-ray and digital release of THE JUNGLE BOOK (available on Digital HD on 8/23 and Blu-ray on 8/30)
  • attend an early advance screening of QUEEN OF KATWE (opening in theaters on 9/23)
  • preview footage from the upcoming Walt Disney Animation Studios release MOANA (opening in theaters on 11/23)
  • and more!

You can join me via:

And follow along on all social mediums by watching the hashtags:

  • #PetesDragonEvent
  • #JungleBookBluray
  • #QueenOfKatwe
  • #Moana

For a quick overview of the films I’ll be sharing exclusive information and behind-the-scenes coverage of, check out the trailers below.

PETE’S DRAGON (opening in theaters on 8/12)

Rural Mom is Headed to the PETE'S DRAGON Red Carpet Event! #PetesDragonEvent

THE JUNGLE BOOK (available on Digital HD on 8/23 and Blu-ray on 8/30)

Rural Mom is Headed to the PETE'S DRAGON Red Carpet Event! #PetesDragonEvent

QUEEN OF KATWE (opening in theaters on 9/23)

Rural Mom is Headed to the PETE'S DRAGON Red Carpet Event! #PetesDragonEvent

MOANA (opening in theaters on 11/23)

Rural Mom is Headed to the PETE'S DRAGON Red Carpet Event! #PetesDragonEvent

You can also interact with me before and during the event to enhance your experience. Be sure to let me know if you have questions you have regarding any of the films, what a red carpet Hollywood experience is like, what outfit Bryce Dallas Howard wears to the interview, or any other information you may be curious to know! I’ll be sharing all the details during and after the trip, so stay tuned!

Disclosure – Disney will be providing airfare, meals, lodging and access to events while in LA. All thoughts, opinions and overwhelming excitement and joy are my own!

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Barb Webb. Founder and Editor of Rural Mom, is an author and sustainable living expert nesting in Appalachian Kentucky. When she’s not chasing chickens around the farm or engaging in mock Jedi battles, she’s writing about country living and artisan culture.
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    • Ashley S
    • August 4, 2016

    I can’t wait to see how Disney re-imagines Pete’s Dragon!! This is going to be such an amazing trip. See ya in LA 🙂

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