Pete’s Dragon Punch (and Preview!) #PetesDragon

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I clearly remember the awe and joy I experienced as a child watching Pete’s Dragon.  It quickly became one of my favorite childhood classics and inspired my life-long love of dragons (how I wish I could have had one as a pet!)  In fact, I think I’ve seen every mainstream dragon-inspired movie where these magical, mystical creatures take center stage.  Pete’s Dragon still remains my favorite, though as it initiated my fascination with these majestic, mythical creatures.

Pete's Dragon Punch (and Preview!) #PetesDragon

No surprise, that I’m excited to see the Disney remake of PETE’S DRAGON (in movie theaters August 12.)  The movie is certainly a deviation from the original, first and foremost featuring a CGI dragon rather than a cartoon one, but even so, my heart did a flip-flop of joy when I saw the preview:

Naturally, you know we have to do something to celebrate which is why we are featuring a Pete’s Dragon-inspired drink, perfect for a family movie night viewing of the original film while you are prepping for Disney’s new PETE’S DRAGON to appear this August.  This is a fun and fruity punch that will keep you cool this summer and will quickly become a family favorite. Enjoy!

Pete’s Dragon Punch


2oz Pineapple juice
4oz Welch’s Watermelon Juice
2oz Sprite
1 scoop Vanilla Ice Cream
2 tbsp. Simple syrup
Red sanding sugar

Pete's Dragon Punch (and Preview!) #PetesDragon


To decorate your glass:
You will need 2 appetizers plates
On one of your plates add simple syrup enough to dip the glass rim in
On the other one add your red sanding sugar
Dip your glassware in the simple syrup then the black sanding sugar
Set to the side

First add your Pineapple juice and watermelon juice -lightly stir
Now add your sprite leaving at least 1inch from the top to add your ice cream
Add one scoop of ice-cream on top

Pete's Dragon Punch (and Preview!) #PetesDragon

For more information:

PETE’S DRAGON flies into theaters everywhere on August 12th!

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