Eighth Day of Book Gifting: Veganish

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Eighth Day of Book Gifting: Veganish

On the eighth day of book gifting, Rural Mom suggests: Veganish: The Omnivore’s Guide to Plant-Based Cooking

Though I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, that certainly doesn’t stop me from appreciating a great cookbook chock full of wholesome recipes.  The avid organic gardener in me certainly appreciates the inspiration and I found the insights in this book to be invaluable.
If you are considering a vegan or vegetarian diet, this book is an absolutely must-read as a precursor to your dietary changes.

Tens of thousands of people have put down their knives in favor of a vegan or vegetarian diet for weight loss or to control blood pressure and cholesterol. Many people got exactly what they were looking for, along with a few surprises, such as loss of bone density and dental issues. Mielle Chenier-Cowan Rose has experienced much the same in her journey as a vegan chef raising her child vegan.

This utterly unique “vegan +” cookbook offers over 100 easy-to-make vegan recipes and many basic methods and cooking techniques, as well as advanced options. A trained chef, Mielle Chenier-Cowan Rose also offers sage advice about food and nutrition, along with her personal story about transitioning from a 20-year long vegetarian diet to eating some animal-based foods.
Any chef, veggie lover, vegetarian, vegan or even fitness buff on your holiday list will appreciate a copy of this amazing guide.

Find more information at: Veganish: The Omnivore’s Guide to Plant-Based Cooking

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