Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

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Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

Hands-down, often the most difficult recipients to buy gifts for are the teenagers. With ever-changing likes and dislikes and new fads, they’re at a tough age to gauge. A lot of times it’s simply easier to just give them money or a gift card, but the problem with this is that while a teenager always appreciates a gift of money, deep down, they still enjoy the thrill of opening gifts on Christmas morning. Before you fill that envelope, check out some of these gift ideas for your teen instead.

PS: Before heading out to fulfill your holiday wish lists, be sure to print off our convenient shopping list located at the end of this feature.

Virtual Reality Beginner’s Guide and Smartphone VR Viewer Toolkit - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

Virtual Reality Beginner’s Guide and Smartphone VR Viewer Toolkit 

Virtual Reality is always fun – especially in the winter months when you’re stuck in the house during inclement weather. The Virtual Reality Beginner’s Guide and Smartphone VR Viewer toolkit is sure to be a favorite gift this year for teens looking for a little something out of the ordinary. All they need is their smartphone to unleash an entire virtual world.

The kit comes with a pre-cut cardboard VR headset, German-designed biconvex lenses, and NFC tag, and a guide explaining how to use it as well as the technology and possibilities behind virtual reality. The guide even includes an interview with the creators of Google Cardboard.

Sprukits - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide


Sprukits are a really cool gift idea for teens. Sprukits takes the concept of building models and allows teens to build action figures. Teens will have a great time building them and putting their poseable creations on display. There are Sprukits for all different levels of ability and time constraints. Some take 15 minutes to build, and some take 2-3 hours, and everything they need to build is right in the kit. No cutting, gluing or painting is necessary. Sprukits make great snow day activities for teens as an alternative to plopping in front of a video game.

Characters available in Sprukits include DC Comics characters, Halo Universe characters, and Nicktoons LBX characters. What kid wouldn’t want to build their own Batman and Joker?

Adora Dolls - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

Adora Dolls

Adora dolls wants you to share the joy of friendship with their beautiful 18” dolls. Each doll comes with two handmade friendship bracelets, one for the special girl in your life and one for her doll to wear.  Pre-teens and teens still appreciate the joy of opening a toy on Christmas day and Adora dolls are one they will treasure.

Adora dolls come ready to play in a fashionable set of clothes, complete with shoes! The attention to the little details like the dolls soft hair and her painted nails make The Adora dolls a gift sure to please any doll lover. Adora even offers a line of Girl Scout dolls. With their affordable prices on all their dolls and accessories, parents are sure to adore the savings!

Toasted or Roasted Card Game - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

Toasted or Roasted Card Game

It’s often hard to coax your teen to interact with family as they are busy developing their identities and interests… let alone, pry them away from their cell phones. Gifting an attention-getting board game can offer the solution you are seeking by subtling encouraging them to interact. After all, when you find a cool game to play, you certainly want to share the experience!

Toasted or Roasted is a fun (and educational) game based on the popular art of roasting marshmallows on the campfire. The object is to be the first to start your campfire and roast 3 marshmallows while opponents try to burn your marshmallows and put out your fire. It’s a fun game that’s sure to make a cool night extra toasty. Recommended for ages 6 and up, so younger siblings can play too. It’s a Christmas gift for a teenager that the entire family can enjoy.

Bendomino - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide


Speaking of game night, your house is about to get exciting with Bendomino– Dominoes with a twist! Bendominoes play just like regular dominoes, but their innovative curved design allows you to have more control over the game. Bendomino is a perfect gift for pre-teens and teens who enjoy a good challenge.

If your family likes having lots of good clean, competitive fun them Bendomino may be the perfect gift for you. This domino games encourages strategy and offers a good challenge for young and old alike.

Flag Frenzy - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

Flag Frenzy 

Rounding out our interactive game suggestions is one that will not only provide hours of fun game play, it’s highly portable and educational, too.  As your teen begins to see the world around them widen, Flag Frenzy is a great way to enhance their understanding of cultures and geography.

Flag Frenzy is a card game where players try to be the first to match the cards with flags around the world. Not only is Flag Frenzy a fun gift, but it’s educational too, so a teen that may be struggling with geography will definitely benefit in more ways than one from this Christmas gift. The game includes 49 cards, 8 continent cards, and a bonus world map showing all of the world flags and what countries they belong to.

Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection and Crayola Virtual Design Pro Fashion Collection

Crayola has come up with what’s sure to be a really hot gift item this year – the Virtual Design Pro Car Collection. Using the included 20-page sketchbook, 36 Crayola Colored Pencils, pencil sharpener, 20 markers, and four stencils, kids design cars and then use the Design & Drive app (available for iOS and Android and iPod Touch) to drive the cars and complete stunts and tricks on a virtual track. Technology doesn’t get much cooler than this. This would be a favorite gift for anyone who loves art, cars, and gaming, so you may want to pick up a couple of these kits to put under the tree!

Crayola Virtual Design Pro Fashion Collection is similar to the Pro Car Collection, but this one is geared more toward kids who are fashion forward. Using the included 20-page book with fashion templates, colored pencils, markers, stencils, and pencil sharpener, kids design outfits for their models and then send them off to the runway with the My Virtual Fashion Show app (available for iOS, Android, and iPod Touch). They can choose everything the models wear, right down to the accessories, and watch them strut their stuff on the catwalk. This gift will surely be a favorite gift among artsy kids and anyone thinking about fashion design as a career.

My Comic Book - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

My Comic Book

If your teen is into drawing, they’ll LOVE this gift! It’s called My Comic Book, and is a kit to write and illustrate their very own comic book. Every comic book author starts somewhere. Your gift to them could be the thing that sets off their comic book career.

How it works: Your teen writes and illustrates their comic book using the included ready-to-use book pages, pencil and artist eraser, and markers. Once finished, they either send it in using the prepaid envelope or create it online. 4-6 weeks later, the comic book is printed and sent back, and the artist is named on the back in an “About the Author” feature. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who is into art!

My Awesome Book - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

My Awesome Book

My Awesome Book is made by the same company as My Comic Book, and it basically works the same way. It’s a perfect gift for teens that are aspiring writers/illustrators.

The kit comes with ready-to-use book pages and markers, and once they’re finished, they send it in the prepaid envelope. 4-6 weeks later, they receive the 8 ½ x 11 hardcover version of the book they created with their name credited on the back in the “About the Author” feature! You may want to get a couple of them – I’m sure there will be requests for a second kit!

Kidecals Dry Erase Decals - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

Kidecals Dry Erase Decals

Kidecals are decals that stick on any surface to create an instant dry erase board. They’re perfect gifts for teens to stick on lockers, books, doors, and even walls, since they don’t damage surfaces. They come in a variety of colors and shapes – even some that resemble conversation bubbles. You might even want to get one for your own kitchen so your teen can leave you a message or grocery list.

Usage is simple. Stick the decal on any surface, write on it with a dry erase marker, wipe off with a cloth, and then do it again! Kidecals are a practical and fun gift for anyone of any age, but teenagers will especially love them. Kidecals also has an extensive product line of other sorts of decals as well. Check them out to find perfect gifts for others on your list!

Handcrafted Honey Bee Lip Balm - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

Handcrafted Honey Bee Lip Balm

The only thing teen girls may like better than using great tasting lip balms, is making them together. Now they can do just that with Handcrafted Honey Bee’s line of DIY Lip Balm party sets! Each DIY kit makes 15-20 lip balms with flavors and colors of your choice.

If the teen on your holiday shopping list has wanted to get together with her friends, why not give them a lasting holiday memory maker with the DIY lip balm kit? They will have so much fun working on their unique lip balms. Easy to follow step by step instructions are included with each lip balm kit and can be done in as little as twenty minutes making this a perfect get together or sleepover activity.

Teddy Tank - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

Teddy Tank

Adorable barely scratches the surface of describing Teddy Tank.  Every pre-teen and teen will love this clever fish tank that combines the soft, cuddly plus of a favorite stuffed animal with a cool, sophisticated fish tank set up complete with a nightlight feature.

Available in teddy bear, penguin, unicorn, panda and additional fun styles, Teddy Tank Technology LLC believes in providing life, light and comfort to Teddy Tank owners.  This cleverly-designed product contains a wide opening on the back of the Teddy’s head that allows air to circulate and flow freely from the outside air to the tank surface to keep fish happy with plenty of access to oxygen. The cute, plush pet keeps owners happy with plenty of stylish intrigue and huggable moments!

Burt’s Bee’s Tips and Toes - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

Burt’s Bee’s Tips and Toes

Burt’s Bee’s makes finding the perfect gift for the teen girl on your list easy-peasy this year with their ready to give gift sets. Each set come with a pretty gold bow atop the package. There are several Holiday sets to choose from.

Since teens love to show their individual style, especially when it comes to their nails, the Burt’s Bee’s Tips and Toes collection is sure to be a hit even with the hard to shop for teens on your list. She’ll have everything she needs to pamper herself with this kit, which has Coconut foot cream, Thoroughly Therapeutic honey & grape-seed oil hand cream, a tin of hand salve, a tin of Lemon butter cuticle cream, a jar of Almond Milk hand cream and a Replenishing lip balm.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

A technology powerhouse, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a great tool for any teen to have.  They’ll want it for the speed, memory capacity, great camera and game-play abilities.  You’ll love it for the portability and homework help capabilities. (And, as a bonus, it will certainly be great to have around for your use, too!)

With an Android base and long battery life, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 syncs with your other Android tech tools seamlessly.  It offers a brilliant picture and a 10.1 inch screen that maximizes the tablet space, making it a truly eye-friendly technology.  The S Pen makes working on the tablet a breeze and allows for plenty of cool functions including the ability to multi-task.

Canon PIXMA MG6620 Wireless Photo All-in-One Inkjet Printer - Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

Canon PIXMA MG6620 Wireless Photo All-in-One Inkjet Printer

The PIXMA MG6620 is a Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One printer that offers a wide variety of ways to make smartphone and tablet printing easy and convenient. The PIXMA Printing Solutions (PPS) app lets you easily print and scan photos or documents from just about anywhere using your compatible mobile device.

Teens will love the ability to instantly print their favorite photos.  Having Instagram or Facebook photos online is fun, but we all know having a favorite photo framed on your desk or pegged to your cork board is truly a treat!  With its wireless capabilities, touch screen convenience, cool color selection and powerhouse capabilities, the MG6620 is must-have product for holiday gift giving!


You can easily bookmark this page to retrieve using your computer or smartphone, but if you’d like a printable list to take with you to the store or to use as a checklist for your gift giving, we’ve provided one below:

Rural Mom Unique Gift Ideas for Teens 2014 Holiday Gift Guide by Barb Webb


Unique Gift Ideas for Teens | 2014 Rural Mom Holiday Guide

Disclosure: We receive sample products for review for our holiday guides, many of which are donated to local charities after gently testing and inspecting. If it’s not a gift we wouldn’t love to see under our own trees or personally gift to a loved one, you will not find it in any RuralMom.com holiday guide. We do not accept payment for placement of items in our guides. If it made it to our top holiday gift pick list, it’s earned a spot based on its high quality, reasonable price point, and overall excellence in durability and/or functionality.

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    • Grace Hodgin
    • November 4, 2014

    Those are some great ideas for the gift list and some I’d like to get myself. I think mixing gifts with technology and non technology is a great idea.

    • Heidi Gray
    • November 4, 2014

    I love these unique gift ideas, it makes shopping so much easier!

    • Growing Up Madison
    • November 4, 2014

    You have some really neat gift for tweens and teens and even the little ones. I know my boys would love anything they can build while my toddler would really love that doll.

    • Melinda
    • November 4, 2014

    teens are so hard to shop for. I tend to stick with cash or gift cards if they aren’t my own kids

    • Laura O in AK
    • November 4, 2014

    Lots of great ideas for gifts. I know my boys are all about technology.

    • Kelly Hutchinson
    • November 4, 2014

    My daughter would really like the VR Viewer Kit. She is really into that sort of thing.

    • Mistee Dawn
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    I really love that Teddy Bear fish tank. What a cool idea. My daughter would love it.

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    • November 4, 2014

    Love the Burt’s Bees Tips & Toes! How cute is that? I have two tween cousins who would love a lot of these items! Great picks!

    • Donna
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    Thanks for the good ideas.

    • Daisy B
    • November 5, 2014

    I love your list! The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is at the top of my list. The “My Comic Book” and “My Awesome Book” sound like perfect gifts that would be a lot of fun. Burt’s Bee’s Tips & Toes is on my list for my sister.

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