Farm Fresh Garlic Lemon Chicken Skillet

Baby, it’s cold outside and I’m totally craving comfort food!  We often make our resolutions to eat healthier in January, but I find that it is the toughest time of year.  With bitter cold and often overcast days, my body doesn’t desire smoothies and salads.  Do you have the same problem? To compromise, I turn […]

8 Fun Ways to Enjoy Farmers Markets with Kids Throughout the Year

Rural Mom is pleased to welcome guest contributor, Deanna F. Cook, author of Farmer’s Market Create-and-Play Activity Book.  Deanna is sharing creative and clever ways to enjoy your Farmers Markets with your children through every season… Read on! If you’re looking for a fun field trip with the kids, head to the farmers markets. Not only […]

36 Farm Fresh Recipes to Try This Week

In autumn, or any time of the year, nothing beats a home-cooked dish made with fresh ingredients and a dash of love!  For me, trying new recipes is always exciting and I find great joy in the kitchen creating new meals for my family to enjoy.  Whatever your motivation is, I hope you find these […]

Peruvian Quinoa Soup with Coriander Shrimp

Do you like to experiment with new flavors and recipe ideas? One thing I love to do after traveling is try to replicate the tastes whe enjoyed in each region or country.  One of our all-time favorite cooking styles stems from our travels to the Caribbean where Latin foods and recipes with fresh seafood and vegtables […]