Encourage Your Daughter to Dream Big with A Mighty Box!

You may not know this, but the main mission for this blog from the beginning has been to empower and hopefully inspire other women to live life to the fullest. I believe that women can do anything they choose to, whether that’s running a successful blog, scaling buildings, baking cakes, or ruling the world. Our […]

Introduce Your Child to the Fun Side of Science | Basher Science Giveaway

Are you interested in finding ways to encourage your child’s interest in STEM subjects?  Thanks to our partnership with Basher Science, we have an exciting new way to share for you to introduce your child to the fun side of science. We also have an awesome giveaway for you… read on! I was raised to appreciate […]

Sci-Fi Junior High Giveaway

As my youngest son is highly interested in physics, anything to do with the mysteries of the universe are hot topics in our home.  Thanks to our partnership with JIMMY Patterson Books, we are embarking on a new reading adventure to space with Sci-Fi Junior High.  Read on for more information and a spectacular giveaway, […]

The LEGO Batman Movie App!

Thanks to our partnership with Warner Bros., we have some fun information on THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE App to share today. All thoughts, opinions and love of this adorable, hilarious film and fan-tabulous App are that of Rural Mom. Read on… My sons and I recently saw the preview trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie […]