Quick and Easy Farm Fresh Applesauce Recipe

If you’ve recently been to the orchard, chances are you still have an over-abundance of fresh, ripe apples scattered around your kitchen begging to be enjoyed!  While many of my friends bake wonderful pies or simply enjoy the fruit on its own, I was surprised to find out how many didn’t use their red delights for enjoying […]

Farm Fresh Meats and Bargain Prices with Zaycon Fresh

Feeding a large family is no easy task!  Whether you have growing teens (like me,) who gobble up groceries faster than you can feed them or you are planning a big event, one of the most expensive items in your budget is likely meat.  Thanks to our partnership with Zaycon Fresh, I have discovered a […]

Rural Mom Travels: Georgetown Kentucky Agritourism

One of the biggest requests I receive lately from friends traveling in Kentucky is “where can I find an authentic agritourism experience.”  I always have to smile because the entire state of Kentucky happens to be one big agritourism adventure!  The newest stop I’ve added to my “highly-recommend a visit list” is Georgetown Kentucky, a […]

Rural Mom Travels: Shelbyville Kentucky

You may think of Kentucky as the bluegrass, bourbon and horse capital of the U.S.  Or you may associate Kentucky legends like the Louisville Slugger and Daniel Boone trails.  Our fascinating state certainly has all of these wonderful attributes and then-some. What you may not realize is how much small town charm, agritourism and natural […]