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Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Galentines and Friends!

February 8, 2019

Valentine’s Day is certainly the day of love and I seizing the opportunity to enjoy celebrating all the loved ones in my life.  A fun way to do this is by hosting a Valentine’s Day party. There are many great ideas from heart-shaped foods to fun photo booths that you can incorporate to create a […]


What Your Valentine’s Day Flower Selection Says About You

February 7, 2019

Thanks to our partnership with Teleflora, we’re chatting about the best flower selection for expressing your sentiments.  One thing we know for sure, when you opt for choosing flowers from Teleflora, you’re choosing to gift the freshest, most beautiful bouquets for all the loved ones on your list.  The new Valentine’s Day floral collection is […]


4 Reasons You Should Include Gallup New Mexico in Your Family Travel Plans

February 6, 2019

Thanks to the famous song by Chuck Berry, I knew Gallup was one of the cities along Route 66.  But my knowledge of the area, sadly, ended there. Perhaps that’s what intrigued me the most when I had the opportunity to visit – would this destination live up to the hype of getting my “kicks […]


Creativity Runs Wild in WONDER PARK!

February 5, 2019

Are you ready to hear about WONDER PARK -a new, imaginative film?  This post is in partnership with Paramount Pictures… read on! Albert Einstein once said “Logic will get you from point A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.”  It’s a quote that has always stuck with me, inspiring creative possibilities.  It’s also a […]


Medication Management Made Easy (Seriously!)

February 4, 2019

How do you keep track of your medications?  As I’ve aged, the number of prescription medicines, vitamins and herbal supplements I take has increased.  I have a routine, but sometimes, it’s tough to keep track of whether I actually stuck to it or not and took the pill that I needed.  Thanks to my partnership […]


This is Why You Should Start a Garden Club

January 29, 2019

The first seed I planted, I nearly choked the life out of. I read the directions on the package thoroughly but had no idea anomalies like late frost in April could turn my thriving sprouts into wilted mush! There were plenty of books I turned to, which are fabulous in helping beginning gardeners, but the […]


How To Cut Down on Clutter

January 28, 2019

Is clutter an integral part of your life? Do you find that you are tripping over every little thing in your own house and yet you cannot find anything that you need? Clutter can affect a person both mentally and physically thus it is important to take steps to reduce this unhealthy situation. Hashtag #MarieKondo […]


10 Ways to Re-do Your Home Decor on a Budget

January 22, 2019

People tend to renovate their houses to make their houses to look more stunning and feel more at ease. You should ideally think of the home renovation plan as a business plan or as a special project you are starting from the beginning. Any kind of remodeling project can seem overpowering, but it is certain […]