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Designed to Share: Fresh Ideas from Ball Canning

March 30, 2018

Not sure how things are in your neck o’ the woods, but it’s been a long and finicky Winter here!  I’m so happy to see signs of Spring popping up.  Easter is right around the corner, Spring cleaning has begun and I can’t wait to dig into the garden.  Thanks to our partnership with Ball […]


Rural Mom Kitchen: Vacuvita One Touch Storage System

March 29, 2018

Testing new appliances is always a great joy in the Rural Mom Kitchen!  Thanks to my partnership with Vacuvita, this month I had the opportunity to give the Vacuvita® One Touch Storage System a whirl and found this innovative, first of its kind vacuum and food storage system to be a handy companion for helping […]


Get your kids to eat more veggies? Yes, with a school grant from Action for Healthy Kids!

March 28, 2018

Do you struggle to get you kids to eat more veggies?  You are certainly not alone! Parents can be a formidable force for change in schools, especially when it comes to starting health and wellness programs. Ensuring that our kids are eating healthier foods, learning about nutrition, and being more physically active in school sets […]


I Kill Giants (Giveaway!)

March 28, 2018

There are very few times when I see a trailer for a film and think “I absolutely have to go see that!” Honestly, there are many films I want to see, think will be awesome to see, but not as many that I feel like so compelled to see as I KILL GIANTS (in select […]


Quick and Easy Ideas for Creating Memorable Graduation Invitations

March 26, 2018

Graduation events can be so bittersweet.  While I’m incredibly proud of our scholars’ accomplishments, I’m also in awe how fast they’ve grown up!  Wasn’t it just yesterday they clung to our legs on the first shy day of kindergarten?  I’m partnering with Basic Invite today to talk about the joy of graduation time and ways […]


Easy Edible Plants to Grow This Spring, No Green Thumb Required!

March 24, 2018

Spring is in full splendor here and if you’ve been hesitating to start a garden, it’s time to sow your nourishing seeds! Whether you are new to gardening, pressed for time, or think your thumb is a little less than green, there are edible plants to grow that nature designed to make you instantly feel like a […]

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Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

March 23, 2018

For many years now, I dreamed of attending a Disney theme park Food and Wine Festival and thanks to the lovely folks at Disney and my partnership with the Mom Blog Tour Natural Products Expo West, I finally fulfilled this bucket list item.  I’m happy to report it’s everything you dreamed it would be and […]


Disney Ticket Donation Program

March 22, 2018

As a steward of the earth, I’m constantly looking for ways to help improve my local environment in addition to participating in global initiatives.  One of the easiest ways for everyone to help make a difference is to volunteer with local nonprofit programs.  From working with the forest department to helping with a community garden, […]