Should You Buy Your Household Items in Bulk? #DetailsMatter

For many families, purchasing items in bulk is the best way to go.  You save money, time and can enjoy a more stress-free summer by always having your everyday necessities on hand! As a Smiley360 blogger, I’m working with Costco and P&G to share my favorite household products and how buying my household items in bulk helps […]

How To Prepare Your Pond for Spring

We worked with the state to build a wildlife refuge on part of our property that now houses a beautiful drinking pond and our new farm has a decorative pond – both required me to brush up on maintenance and preparation! Many people have installed garden ponds at their homes. They add interest to the garden, encourage […]

What’s Stopping You? Top 10 Homesteading Myths

What does it take to be a homesteader? People entertain the idea of homesteading because they have the desire to reduce their global footprint and/or to live a simpler, healthier lifestyle.  What it takes is that initial desire, the willingness to learn, and possibly some investment in initial supplies. All doable and easily achievable, so […]

Rural Mom Farm Fresh Picks for March

March is a fabulous month to start your Spring garden seedlings, and depending upon where you live, enjoy the first blooms of Spring.  If you are a sustainable chick, it’s also time to catch up on what’s new and innovative in the farm to table movement with our Rural Mom Farm Fresh Picks for March. This month we have […]