How to Ditch Your Bottled Water Habit for Good with AquaTru

You can never drink too much water, and kudos to those of you who get your daily intake in! I’m constantly working on it. Drinking enough water is much easier to do when it’s convenient, but the convenience factor of bottled water isn’t so good for the environment. Here are some crazy statistics (from Ban […]

4 Clever Eco-Friendly Redecorating Ideas

Fall is a terrific time to think about redecorating your home.  With cooler days, it’s a lot easier to open the windows and freshen things up with coat of paint or to spruce up worn furnishings to prepare with the holiday guest season.  You may think that keeping your redecorating efforts eco-friendly will break your […]

How to Start a Recycling Program in Your Home

I may be dating myself a bit here, but I remember when recycling first became “a thing” and there were so many steps that it felt like a part time job to dispose of waste. Everything had to be inspected for a recycling symbol to find out if it was recyclable at all. Plastic had […]

Spruce Up Your Home for Back-to-School Success with UncommonGoods

Remember when we were kids and we had no choice but to study hard and make something of ourselves because, well, that was just what you did? Somewhere along the line, the country’s values have changed, and the current generation isn’t quite as ambitious as we were. We could debate for ages about what the […]