Energy Efficient Light Just Got Brighter!

Before energy efficient lighting options came out, there were so many ways to light up your space. Unfortunately, many were costly, and others were fire hazards! When more and more companies started introducing energy efficient bulbs, the options were limited. Thankfully, technology has advanced quite a bit in that area. Now there are all sorts […]

Make Simple Changes at Home and Save the World

The planet needs all the help that it can get these days. Environmental reports suggest that the world is in bad shape and that everyone must do his or her part to improve the state of the environment for the future. It can be difficult for an individual to figure out exactly how to begin […]

Reduce Allergens with Chemical-Free Cleaning Methods

Here’s something you may not know: According to, more than 6 million children are affected by asthma. If your child is one of those 6 million, you know that it’s closely entwined with allergies. As a matter of fact, it’s estimated that up to three quarters of the 22 million people in the US […]

Farm Chic Paint Colors

If your home’s walls could talk, what would they say? Never mind. I probably don’t want to know!  In partnership with Magnolia Paints, I’m testing out some new farm chic paint colors in our new homestead.  Wonder what our walls will have to say? Read on! Painted walls actually do speak, though not with words. […]