Light Up Your Outdoor Fun with the Playbulb Garden

I love my house. It’s great for entertaining – in the winter. In the warmer months, day or night, you’ll usually find me outside. I like to entertain guests outside whenever possible too. There’s just something so amazing about fresh air and a nice warm breeze. Lately, I’ve been enamored with Playbulb Garden Bluetooth Smart […]

25 Beautiful Budget-Friendly Spring Garden DIY Projects and Tips

It’s been a very strange winter across the country. In some places, there was way more snow than expected, and in others, much less. Either way, most of us have had enough and we’re yearning for those spring blooms! As you know, gardening is a big part of life here, so I thought it only […]

7 Gardening Quotes and Gorgeous Blooms to Inspire Your Spring Planting

When I peeked outside the window yesterday, I swear I heard the earth whispering, a low beckoning call for the seeds of spring to be planted.  Or I may have just seen a blanket of snow covering the last trace of straw bedding around the daffodil bulbs, but either way, I know in my heart, […]

Must-Have Home Remedies from Your Herb Garden

It’s no secret that herbal supplements can be great for your health. They’ve been used for centuries to heal the human body both inside and out. In fact, you may be growing herbs in your garden and not even realize the power they hold. If you’re thinking of planting a healing herb garden, there are […]