Add Country Charm to Your Driveway with a Rustic Mailbox

You’d be surprised at how much a mailbox affects curb appeal. It’s such a small thing, but when someone is searching for your house – whether that be out of town guests, a delivery truck, or your chimney sweep, they likely follow the numbers on the mailboxes. Your mailbox may be the first impression someone […]

Are You Recycling Correctly? 4 Simple Mistakes You May Be Making

As someone who composts, recycles, re-purposes and reuses as much as I possible can, I like to think that I have the whole recycling process down-pat.  Truth is, I’m not always recycling correctly. Changes in the industry are constantly happening and it’s easy to make simple mistakes. According to the waste management firm, virtually […]

How to Choose the Ideal Roof for Your Home

Redoing the roof of your home is a solid investment in both infrastructure and style. In addition to providing shelter from rain and other elements, a good roof can add a touch of beauty to your home. According to HomeAdvisor, homeowners spend about $6,600 for a new roof on average. Before you go dumping thousands […]

What Are Bee-Friendly Plants? | Plant a Bee Garden!

Bees.  We know we need them.  We want to save them.  We don’t always know how.  One fun, easy and awesome way to help support the health of our pollinators is to have bee-friendly plants on your homestead.  Thanks to our partnership with Beesponsible® and Bee Harmony we are sharing ideas for providing a safe […]