Farm Kittens and Cat Hammocks

One of the things my son begged for when we moved to our new farm was a hammock set. “Why not?” I thought.  With a lovely backyard full of plenty of shady spots to relax, I knew it would be put to good use. Turns out, we all got pretty psyched about the double hammock we […]

Should You Buy Your Household Items in Bulk? #DetailsMatter

For many families, purchasing items in bulk is the best way to go.  You save money, time and can enjoy a more stress-free summer by always having your everyday necessities on hand! As a Smiley360 blogger, I’m working with Costco and P&G to share my favorite household products and how buying my household items in bulk helps […]

How To Prepare Your Pond for Spring

We worked with the state to build a wildlife refuge on part of our property that now houses a beautiful drinking pond and our new farm has a decorative pond – both required me to brush up on maintenance and preparation! Many people have installed garden ponds at their homes. They add interest to the garden, encourage […]

Spring Clean Your Lawn and Garden

What do you think of when you hear the term “Spring cleaning?” You more than likely think of de-cluttering and freshening up your home.  The same idea applies outdoors!  Now is a great time to Spring clean your lawn and garden to prepare them for a summer full of sunshine and fun. Gather the family […]