Introducing the Ball® Canning Spring Collection from Jarden Home Brands

I love summer! One of my favorite things about it is the events! I love hosting (and being invited to) picnics, barbecues, and parties! I recently received some Jarden Home Brands products to spruce up my Spring kitchen, and I’ve come up with some great ideas for their uses! Check them out: Collection Elite Colored […]

Red Hot Apple Jelly Recipe | Valentines Day Treats

Red Hot Apple Jelly, sometimes referred to as Candy Apple Jelly is one of my all-time favorite quick and easy jelly recipes to make!  It takes only a few minutes to cook and 5 minutes to process (in water bath canner, making it a great last minute treat to prepare for a Valentines Day gift […]

International Can-It-Forward Day August 1 at 11am – 4pm EST #CanItForward

We are tickled to be joining Jarden Home Brands for one of our very favorite holidays, this year’s fifth annual International Can-It-Forward Day!  We received product and information from Jarden Home Brands to help share our love of this wonderful event but of course, as always, all thoughts opinions and joy of participating in this celebration […]

37th Edition Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving Celebration

Before the first sprouts of Spring in the garden pop up, I’m already designing plans for preparing and preserving the farm fresh bounty nature will soon deliver.  Day-dreaming about the recipes and canned goods I’ll create is nearly as fun as planting, nurturing and coaxing the produce to fruition! When it comes to food preservation, my favorite go-to resource has […]