Behind the story of LOU | PIXAR Short #Cars3Event

When I look back to my childhood, I certainly dealt with my share of playground bullies.  At the time, I only saw them as cruel kids I didn’t want to be associated with.  Now that I’m older, I understand that there’s a lot more to each person’s story. Sometimes the child who is behaving in […]

7 Ways to Make Your Campsite Comfortable

Camping is the sort of thing that can be either the most fun you’ve ever had or the worst weekend ever. There’s rarely an in-between. Having a few key items on hand and anticipating things in advance can make all the difference in the world. Here are a few of my biggest tips for making […]

Gourmet Breakfast for Dad

My husband is difficult to shop for.  Can you relate? We are at a stage of our lives where we have all the essentials we need and are lucky enough to have collected fun non-essentials, too.  So what do you get the man who has everything?  Definitely not another trinket, toy, or tool that will be […]

Cats, Curiosity and Beauty and The Beast

In March of this year, we decided to adopt a new kitten and we fell in love with the live-action film version of Beauty and the Beast.  Coincidence or kismet? Sometimes things happen for a reason.  Sometimes they are just lucky happen-stances.  Truthfully, I initially made no connection between our obsession with Disney films and our […]