Add Country Charm to Your Driveway with a Rustic Mailbox

You’d be surprised at how much a mailbox affects curb appeal. It’s such a small thing, but when someone is searching for your house – whether that be out of town guests, a delivery truck, or your chimney sweep, they likely follow the numbers on the mailboxes. Your mailbox may be the first impression someone […]

How to Shop the Fall Farmer’s Market

Despite the unseasonably warm weather we saw a week or two ago, fall is definitely in the air! I can especially feel the crisp, cool breeze in the mornings, and the foliage is gorgeous. Mother Nature is an amazing artist, don’t you agree? While some of you are probably embracing fall and all it brings […]

Quick and Easy Farm Fresh Applesauce Recipe

If you’ve recently been to the orchard, chances are you still have an over-abundance of fresh, ripe apples scattered around your kitchen begging to be enjoyed!  While many of my friends bake wonderful pies or simply enjoy the fruit on its own, I was surprised to find out how many didn’t use their red delights for enjoying […]

Ideas for Planning a Perfect Wizard Party

I’ve always been a fan of Harry Potter. With the release of the illustrated series upon us, it seemed like a great time to plan the perfect wizard party, right? The cool thing about wizard-themed parties is that they can be adapted to fit Halloween or any other time of year, really! A wizard-themed birthday […]