Exploring Epcot International Festival of the Arts

Being a blogger is definitely the most awesome thing in the world, especially when a business trip involves the Epcot International Festival of the Arts! As part of my registration package 2017 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration conference, I received special discounts and promotional materials which afforded me the chance to explore the amazing art festivities. […]

8 Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in Science

Advances in technology are making STEM topics in general more and more important to our children’s futures, but can often be seen as “boring” by kids as well as parents.  As a National Geographic Kids Insider, it’s great to receive free review products and ideas that help get my kids interested in science, they are an […]

Reliable Medical Information at Your Fingertips – Merck Manual Consumer App

When you have a medical question, where do you find reliable information?  While I certainly speak directly with my doctor for any important matters, there are often times I just have a curious question or two and need some quick answers.  Thanks to my partnership with Merck for this sponsored post, I’ve now discovered The […]

Apps That Help Bring Your Family Together

It sounds counter intuitive to suggest that an app on an individual’s cell phone or tablet can bring them closer to anyone. We sense technology is isolating people, getting in the way of personal interaction- not a tool you might turn towards using to bring your family together.  After all, aren’t we all trying to find ways […]