How To Help Your Kids Protect Their Tech

Back when I was in school, the teachers would hand out all the books on the first day of class. We’d carry them all home in overloaded backpacks and spend the evening covering them in brown paper bags, which would become doodle space when bored in class throughout the year. Today, many schools don’t even […]

Energy Efficient Light Just Got Brighter!

Before energy efficient lighting options came out, there were so many ways to light up your space. Unfortunately, many were costly, and others were fire hazards! When more and more companies started introducing energy efficient bulbs, the options were limited. Thankfully, technology has advanced quite a bit in that area. Now there are all sorts […]

Rural Mom Travels: Shelbyville Kentucky

You may think of Kentucky as the bluegrass, bourbon and horse capital of the U.S.  Or you may associate Kentucky legends like the Louisville Slugger and Daniel Boone trails.  Our fascinating state certainly has all of these wonderful attributes and then-some. What you may not realize is how much small town charm, agritourism and natural […]

How To Host a Purr-fect Birthday Party for your Cat!

Do celebrate your cat’s milestones?  Thanks to my partnership with Oriental Trading, I’m sharing fun ways to host a purr-fect birthday party for your cat that’s sure to be a paw-some time! I once saw a meme that said “I’m sorry I can’t come to your wedding – it’s my cat’s birthday and I’m having […]