Applause-worthy Ideas for SING Family Movie Night

In the nearly 20-plus years I’ve been raising children, one activity above all remains a favorite for all my children (and my granddaughter, too) – Family Movie Night!  Thanks to our partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, we’ve put together ideas for SING family movie night fun to celebrate the release of SING Special Edition on Blu-ray […]

Introduce Your Child to the Fun Side of Science | Basher Science Giveaway

Are you interested in finding ways to encourage your child’s interest in STEM subjects?  Thanks to our partnership with Basher Science, we have an exciting new way to share for you to introduce your child to the fun side of science. We also have an awesome giveaway for you… read on! I was raised to appreciate […]

Hulu is Celebrating Real Life Powerpuff Girls!

Have you heard?  Hulu is celebrating the launch of The Powerpuff Girls by highlighting amazing girls across the country!  Thanks to our partnership with Hulu, we have the full details of the #RealLifePowerpuff contest and an awesome giveaway opportunity for you, too… read on! My daughter grew up watching the Powerpuff Girls and I’ve always considered […]

Sci-Fi Junior High Giveaway

As my youngest son is highly interested in physics, anything to do with the mysteries of the universe are hot topics in our home.  Thanks to our partnership with JIMMY Patterson Books, we are embarking on a new reading adventure to space with Sci-Fi Junior High.  Read on for more information and a spectacular giveaway, […]