Behind The Scenes of The Lost Colony in Roanoke

Some experiences uplift your soul in a way that leaves a permanent and welcome mark. My time in the Outer Banks, NC was one such journey for me, an area rich with natural beauty and artisan spirit. A lovely spot where nature and the arts join in veritable harmony is the Waterside Theatre, home to […]

Rural Mom Travels: Georgetown Kentucky Agritourism

One of the biggest requests I receive lately from friends traveling in Kentucky is “where can I find an authentic agritourism experience.”  I always have to smile because the entire state of Kentucky happens to be one big agritourism adventure!  The newest stop I’ve added to my “highly-recommend a visit list” is Georgetown Kentucky, a […]

Taste of Home LIVE in Louisville!

Want to learn invaluable cooking tips and tricks while you spend the day with culinary experts and friends?  Me, too!  I’m delighted to be a Taste of Home Blogger and even more delighted to find our that Taste of Home LIVE Happiest Holiday Tour is coming to Louisville October 1st… read on for all the […]

Rural Mom Travels: Shelbyville Kentucky

You may think of Kentucky as the bluegrass, bourbon and horse capital of the U.S.  Or you may associate Kentucky legends like the Louisville Slugger and Daniel Boone trails.  Our fascinating state certainly has all of these wonderful attributes and then-some. What you may not realize is how much small town charm, agritourism and natural […]