How To Help Your Kids Protect Their Tech

Back when I was in school, the teachers would hand out all the books on the first day of class. We’d carry them all home in overloaded backpacks and spend the evening covering them in brown paper bags, which would become doodle space when bored in class throughout the year. Today, many schools don’t even […]

Want to eat for less? Simply download Subtotal

When I find an excellent app, I’m eager to share it with all my friends and family.  When the app saves me money, I’m more-than-happy to pass that awesomeness along!  Thanks to my partnership with Subtotal, I’ve discovered a fantastic new app that lets you save money while doing one of my favorite activities – […]

Discover Pixar In A Box | Cars 3 Event

Have you heard about Pixar In A Box? I hadn’t either but I’m so glad I discovered this program during my visit to Pixar Animation Studios.  This visit was part of an all-expense paid press trip centered on insights and a celebration of the upcoming CARS 3 film (in theaters June 16th.) During our visit to […]

bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

It’s no secret that I’m an animal lover. What I don’t love is animal messes in my house. Muddy paw prints, hairballs floating about the house like tumbleweeds, the occasional puddle of who knows what…let’s just say that some days the animals around here are lucky they’re so cute! In light of this, I was […]