Applause-worthy Ideas for SING Family Movie Night

In the nearly 20-plus years I’ve been raising children, one activity above all remains a favorite for all my children (and my granddaughter, too) – Family Movie Night!  Thanks to our partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, we’ve put together ideas for SING family movie night fun to celebrate the release of SING Special Edition on Blu-ray […]

Introduce Your Child to the Fun Side of Science | Basher Science Giveaway

Are you interested in finding ways to encourage your child’s interest in STEM subjects?  Thanks to our partnership with Basher Science, we have an exciting new way to share for you to introduce your child to the fun side of science. We also have an awesome giveaway for you… read on! I was raised to appreciate […]

20 Fun and Creative Ways to Celebrate Beauty and the Beast

It’s almost time to see Beauty and the Beast!  I’m super excited about seeing the theatrical version of one of my favorite movies. In celebration, I thought I’d round up some really fun and creative ways to celebrate Beauty and the Beast. Every day more and more ideas and “merch” are popping up, but here are a […]

Rural Mom is headed to the Sonoma Raceway for the #Cars3Event

My father always named our cars, so from a very young age, I’ve always associated personalities with vehicles.  Though I often cannot tell one vehicle brand from another, I still appreciate their unique characteristics.  That’s part of the enchantment Pixar CARS 3 holds for me as a viewer.  I love how the vehicles are brought […]