Behind the story of LOU | PIXAR Short #Cars3Event

When I look back to my childhood, I certainly dealt with my share of playground bullies.  At the time, I only saw them as cruel kids I didn’t want to be associated with.  Now that I’m older, I understand that there’s a lot more to each person’s story. Sometimes the child who is behaving in […]

Cars 3 Insights on the Film (and Easter Eggs!) #Cars3Event

CARS 3 races into theaters June 16 and fans everywhere are asking the same question – will it meet our expectations?  Truth is, everyone has high expectations for every Pixar Animation film as the company has set a high standard for superior story lines and continuous surprises.  The Pixar team constantly pushes the boundaries of technology […]

CARS 3 from Start to Finish! #Cars3Event

It’s amazing the amount of energy and detail that goes into creating a Pixar film! I had no idea what fully went on behind-the-scenes before I had the good fortune to attend the press conference events for CARS 3 (in theaters 6/16) as a guest of Disney. During our experience we were able to meet […]

CARS 3 – The Story of the Story!

Do you ever wonder how stories are developed for a film?  Me, too!  Often, there’s so much that goes into the script-writing process that we never see or hear about.  All of these delicious details can truly enhance your film-viewing experience, though.  It’s one of the reason I truly love “extras” that are released with […]